Chapter 92: You Know Each Other?

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In the afternoon, as Auntie Chai went to the bathroom, Lu Man took the opportunity to quietly tell Xia Qingwei, "Mom, Auntie Chai has been taking quite a lot of care of you and since she's getting discharged tomorrow, I want to give her something."

"Right," Xia Qingwei agreed with Lu Man, "We need to thank her."

However, what should be given to Auntie Chai as a token of gratitude was a difficult question on its own.

Already they owed Han Zhuoli money for her hospital bills and hence did not have much money to spend on a gift.

"But what should we give?" Xia Qingwei became anxious and panicked.

Giving it some thought, Lu Man said, "Why don't I make some pastry or something, it will be easier for her to take it back home too."

Even Xia Qingwei felt that Lu Man's idea was quite good.

Hence, once Lu Man returned home, after preparing dinner for Xia Qingwei she also made some Chinese desserts. She even made some more for Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui to try.

Unfortunately, Lu Man did not know that the food she had been preparing all along for them, was being snatched away by Han Zhuoli, not leaving even a single bit for them. Similarly, even the desserts prepared today would not be spared.

Meanwhile, Zhou Cheng who had followed Lu Man home today could only stare wide-eyed at how pretty the desserts that Lu Man made were. With just one look at them, he felt hungry and quickly swallowed his saliva so that he would not be caught drooling at the sight of the desserts. Sadly, although these desserts were made especially for them, Zhou Cheng could only look at them but not taste making him feel very stifled.


Usually, Lu Man would spend the night at the hospital to accompany Xia Qingwei.

Thus, the next morning, she woke up earlier than usual, and immediately went back home to take out the pastries, she had made last night, from the fridge.

Upon returning, she just happened to hear laughter from the hospital room.

"Older Sister Chai, your son has is such a fine-looking man," Xia Qingwei's voice that seemed to carry a smile could be heard from the hospital room.

"Normally he's so busy with work, I can't even expect him to visit when I'm in the hospital." Although Auntie Chai was complaining, it was obvious from her tone that she was proud of her son.

"Being busy is good, young people being busy means that they have ambitions and that's good. If they had no ability and just stayed at home all day with nothing to do, you'll get anxious and angry. Furthermore, this child is also very filial!" Xia Qingwei smiled and said, "Even though he's busy, he wholeheartedly takes care of both of you."

"Yes, even though he's busy, he's definitely filial. I can understand him, otherwise, I would have disowned him a long time ago," Auntie Chai felt that her son was really very good, and after hearing Xia Qingwei praise him, she started to boast about her son.

It was just that only she could complain about him, and if someone else spoke bad about him, she would fall out with them.

"Man Man, you're back," Xia Qingwei saw that Lu Man was at the doorway, and quickly beckoned her over, "You came just in time, your Auntie Chai is got discharged, and she's going to leave now."

As Lu Man hurriedly entered, she saw the back view of a man standing by Auntie Chai's bedside and felt that it was quite familiar, but at that moment she could not remember where she had seen him before.

Also, it just happened that the other person turned around upon hearing what Xia Qingwei said. Just a moment ago he was smiling, but upon seeing Lu Man he was stunned for a while.

Lu Man was so shocked that her mouth fell slightly open, no wonder she found the back-view of the guy slightly familiar, "Manager Wu?"

"Lu Man," Wu Lize also smiled, "What a coincidence!"

Lu Man's whole expression was one of disbelief, "Yes, this is really too coincidental."

Auntie Chai looked at Lu Man, then looked at Wu Lize, "You two know each other?"

"Yes, I didn't expect it to be so coincidental, Lu Man applied to our department yesterday, and I was the one who took her interview," Wu Lize said with a smile on his face.

However, due to his job, Wu Lize rarely visited.

Also, since Lu Man was Lu Qi's assistant before, and just to make her life more difficult Lu Qi used to make her already busy job even busier, thus the number of times Lu Man could visit Xia Qingwei was even lesser that Wu Lize.

Therefore, the two had not met each other until today.

Wu Zhiguo, who was at the side, said, "Ah, Lu Man why didn't you tell me earlier that you were applying for a job at the Han Corporation and that too my son's department.! If you had at least told us the department or company, we could have connected the dots and informed our son and he would have hired you already with no need of an interview."

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