Chapter 111: Lu Man Is Very Impressive

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"Your monthly bonus will be deducted," Han Zhuoli casually threw his pen onto the table, "If there are any more small fry being disrespectful to Lu Man when I'm not here, that means that you haven't set a good enough example, and you have not managed to let them understand Lu Man's importance."

"Yes," Zheng Tianming quickly nodded, "Then how should I deal with Ye Xuanxuan?"

Ye Xuanxuan being an idi*t on her own, she had also managed to cause him to lose one month of his monthly bonus, it would be strange if Zheng Tianming would just get away with it.

"Deduct the bonus for half a year, then give two warning letters, and for the rest in the secretarial department, give each of them one warning letter," based on the Han Corporation rules, having 3 cumulative warning letters would result in the person being dismissed.

Moreover, even after a year has gone by, the fact that they had once received a warning letter would be entered into their file, and the next time if they jump ship to another company, that would become a big blotch on their portfolio.

Practically every company knew of the rule about the warning letters.

Once you have a warning letter, it proves that you had once made a serious mistake.

There were so many talents, and with many people were looking for a job, thus companies really did not lack new applicants for them to actually hire people who have made a serious mistake before.

Furthermore, jumping ship was to get better career advancement, but why would another company offer high salary and high positions to someone who had caused their previous company to incur losses.

Therefore, employees at the Han Corporation viewed warning letters as a great disaster, something even worse than being fired.

Getting fired was not as scary as these stains made by warning letters on their portfolio.

Moreover, Who knew if in the future they would have the opportunity to jump ship, thus no one dared to say that they would be working their whole lives in the Han Corporation.

"You can go and tell that to the secretarial department and make Ye Xuanxuan as the prime example. Ask them whether my words don't hold much authority or my uncle's words are more effective and authoritative than mine. What position does my uncle have in the company for him to order them around? I have already told everyone that when I'm not around, no one can enter my office without my permission. Moreover, they all knew it already as Ye Xuanxuan even used this as an excuse to scold Lu Man, then why did they let Dai Yiran in, and even tried to help Dai Yiran chase Lu Man away? What they did was, they committed a mistake knowingly. If my uncle's words are more authoritative than mine, they can go and find my uncle for a job, my secretarial office cannot afford to keep them," Han Zhuoli said coldly.

Zheng Tianming instantly followed Han Zhuoli orders and left.


When Lu Man returned to the Public Relations Department, to her surprise, she found that the office was very lively.

The colleagues in the department were all gathered around the empty table she had seen in the morning when she had come.

Just as Lu Man walked in, she heard people ask Ye Xiaoxing, "Is what you're saying really true? She was actually allowed to be in charge of a project on her own, and if it managed to go through, then they would do away with her trial period?"

As soon as Lu Man heard that, she knew they were talking about her.

"I was at the secretary office at that time, and even heard with my own ears what Assistant Zheng told Manager Wu," Ye Xiaoxing pursed her lips, "When have I ever given you false information?"

"But what right does she have!" Xia Mengxuan was unhappy, "It is necessary for all new hires to undergo 6 months trial period, and if their performance is average during the trial period, with no outstanding points, then the company might not make them actual contracted employees. Hence, in that half a year, which one of us didn't desperately find opportunities for ourselves to shine? Why is it that as soon as Lu Man comes, the proposal automatically flies into her hands, and she doesn't even need to fight for it, and also does not to undergo the half a year trial period, isn't that just too unfair!"

"What can we do, she has Manager Wu backing her," Zhao Yiling mumbled softly.

"I'm telling all of you, Lu Man is very impressive, she doesn't just have relations with Manager Wu. I'm 80 percent sure that it was Zheng Tianming who helped her get that opportunity," Ye Xiaoxing said.

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