Chapter 113: He Just Wanted to Help Lu Man Without Any Principles

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"This—" Wu Lize felt a bit awkward, "I can't make the decisions, I need to report to the higher-ups."

"Why can't you make the decision? This should be a fair competition. Could it be that the company will only give Lu Man an opportunity but not anyone else?" Dai Yiran said while coldly squinting at Lu Man.

Those words, it was clearly a direct attack on Lu Man.

It was obvious that Dai Yiran was trying to incite hatred and envy towards Lu Man.

As expected, the rest of the colleagues looked towards Lu Man and frowned, their expressions were quite ugly.

As for Wu Lize, he frowned slightly, having a lot of opinions on the way Dai Yiran was doing things.

As soon as she came, she already wanted to intensify the internal problems of the department. No leader would like this kind of person.

"Alright," just as Wu Lize wanted to say something further, Lu Man stood up and agreed, "I agree."

"Lu Man," Wu Lize did not agree, thinking that Lu Man was young and hence became aggressive as she could not stand being goaded, "You can't make this decision yourself."

However, Wu Lize did not know that Lu Man was really not scared that Dai Yiran could win over her.

That was because Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had already decided on the plan, and she had already talked to Du Lin about it.

Moreover, Han Zhuoli had already passed her project, so that was basically saying that her trial period had already ended, it was just that there had been enough time yet to make her an official employee.

Thus, no matter what kind of plan Dai Yiran came up with, it was all useless.

Even if Dai Yiran came up with a plan that was better than hers, it was of no use.

Of course, Lu Man also had the confidence that Dai Yiran could not compete with her.

So for Lu Man, it was as if she had double insurance.

However, It was just that whether it was Wu Lize or Dai Yiran, they both did not know Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had already settled the project.

"Then we can find someone who can make the decisions," Dai Yiran's whole face was that of gloating, "We can just tell Big Brother Han right?"

"In the company, please call me CEO, Miss Dai," no one knew how long Han Zhuoli had been standing at the doorway, and how much he had heard, "Furthermore, I'm not familiar with Miss Dai at all."

As soon as Han Zhuoli said that, everyone was very shocked.

Why did the CEO personally come to their department!

Even Wu Lize could not maintain his composure anymore, "CEO."

"Big Brother Han!" Having been shamed publicly by Han Zhouli, could not keep up her proud expression anymore.

Yet no one expected that Han Zhuoli would not even bother to acknowledge her, and instead turn his head to tell Zheng Tianming, "Not being clear of the superior and subordinate relationship and casually pretending to have a relationship with me, give her a warning letter. Otherwise, in the future, everyone will be a drama queen, and people might really believe that they are related to me. If you have a delusional disorder, then you should hurry and cure it, don't come and bother me."

Everybody: "..."

They all felt that their face had been slapped and felt pain on behalf of Dai Yiran!

Zheng Tianming, "..."

Even though Zheng Tianming felt that his face was painful on behalf of Dai Yiran, he also felt that Han Zhuoli's warning letter was very fitting.

Meanwhile, Lu Man was trying her best to stop herself from smiling that her mouth was twitching.

Why was it that Dai Yiran's memory was so short-term?

Not long ago she had been hit in her face by Han Zhuoli, and now she had been hit in her face again, didn't her face hurt?

"CEO, the suggestion Dai Yiran had just now—" Wu Lize asked.

"I heard everything," Han Zhuoli looked towards Lu Man, "You agreed?"

"I agree, just as Miss Dai said, we can have a fair competition, I have nothing to fear," Lu Man said confidently.

Everyone besides Han Zhouli thought that she was being over-confident.

As soon as Han Zhuoli saw her expression, he knew that Lu Man laying a trap for someone again.

He still remembered the first time he had met her in the hotel room and her eyes at that time, when she wanted to entrap Lu Qi, were as sly just as they were right now.

Moreover, there was something that others did not know and it was only Han Zhuoli who knew; no matter what kind of proposal Dai Yiran submitted, he would only choose Lu Man.

It had nothing to do with agreeing on the proposal with Lu Man today.

He just wanted to help Lu Man without any reservations and principles!

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