Chapter 115: It Really Was Not Some Special Treatment

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Although Lu Man did not notice Wu Lize's veiled gaze, she did notice Han Zhuoli's gaze.

It was just that Han Zhuoli's gaze was so intense and scorching hot that it completely overshadowed Wu Lize's gaze, making Lu Man immersed in his eyes.

Meeting his eyes and seeing the clarity in them, Lu Man felt as if she had been clearly seen through by him, that Han Zhouli knew she was purposely digging a trap for Dai Yiran to jump into.

However, he did not seem the least bit angry and instead was looking at her with interest.

Lu Man was immersed in his gaze until her eyes became dry, following which she decided to just turn around and get from his desk the project document regarding the main theme of the project given earlier to her by Han Zhouli.

However, despite having turned her back, Han Zhuoli's gaze was still so intense as if there was something interesting on her back.

Hence, due to his gaze Lu Man's walking posture became unnatural.

She almost swung the same hand and foot at the same time.

When she finally brought the document over, her actions were stiff as she passed it to Dai Yiran, "This is the project that the company originally wanted to me to be in charge of, you can have a look."

Dai Yiran indifferently took it from her, and in the end, when she opened it to take a look, her expression changed significantly, "Du Lin's case?"

Suddenly, Dai Yiran face turned green.

She could not help but instantly glare fiercely at Ye Xiaoxing.

She had not even found out the whole story before she came back to tell everyone, is this not setting a trap for Dai Yiran?

Ye Xiaoxing's face changed as well, she had only heard Zheng Tianming talk to Lu Man about a project, but since Zheng Tianming did not say specifically which project, how was she to know!

Ye Xiaoxing thought to herself very unhappily, no one had forced Dai Yiran to go out there and fight with Lu Man, why was Dai Yiran blaming her!

Even Dai Yiran was really regretting agreeing to the bet.

However, winning or losing this competition was just a minor matter as even if she was to lose she would not need to resign.

Yet losing was embarrassing!

She had already said big words out loud, so now after taking a look at the project, how could she say that she did not want to take it up?

She could not afford to be embarrassed by this.

Moreover, currently in the entertainment industry, everyone hated taking up cases like that of Du Lin's.

Moreover, right now Du Lin's image was already bad among the public due to the news of him cheating on his wife.

Cheating was very normal in the entertainment industry and many celebrities have been revealed to be cheating on their partners, but most of the news would be diverted and put to the back of the people's minds with time.

However, before Du Lin was revealed to be cheating, he had always kept with the good guy image and was always showing off his affection on Weibo.

The fans were all envious of his and his ex-wife's relationship, but as soon as the news came out, his good guy image instantly fell apart, whether it was his fans or passers-by, no one could stand how he lied to everyone.

Hence, the careers of both Du Lin and his mistress had been greatly affected.

However, luckily for him, Du Lin was the nephew of a shareholder in the Han Corporation, and hence the Han Corporation could not give up on him.

Yet there was still no one who was willing to take Du Lin's case because the difficulty was very high and the rewards were very little.

Even the Public Relations Department's seniors and old workers were very shocked, they did not think that the company would be using this case as a test for Lu Man.

If this was the test, then it really was not some special treatment.

Not to mention a newcomer, even if this project was given to them, there was no guarantee that they would be able to do it well.

Seeing Dai Yiran's stupefied look, Lu Man raised an eyebrow, "Miss Dai, you can still back out now if you want. Anyway, with Miss Dai's status, there really is no trial period to talk about, right?"

Lu Man's words suddenly reminded everyone that Dai Yiran had also used her relations to enter the Han Corporation.

Although everyone's expressions changed slightly, they quickly managed to hide it.

So what if she had used relations, she was Secretary Dai's daughter and that was something Lu Man could not be compared to.

"What do I have to regret?" Dai Yiran bit the bullet and said, "I've already agreed."

"Alright," Lu Man smiled slightly and nodded her head, "The deadline the CEO had set for me was to hand in my proposal before Friday, does Miss Dai have any problem with that?"

"If you have no problem with it, naturally, I won't have any problems with it either," Dai Yiran said coldly.

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