Chapter 116: He Liked How She Plays Dirty and Rip-Off Others

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Was Lu Man looking down on her?

How dare she!

Now that the matter was fixed, Wu Lize could not salvage the situation either. "Since the matter is settled, Lu Man and Dai Yiran, go and prepare for it. As for the rest of you, go back to your own work, stop crowding around here."

As Han Zhuoli was still there, the employees definitely did not dare to skive and hurriedly returned to their own seats.

After sometime Han Zhuoli also left together with Zheng Tianming.

After having sat down at her desk, Lu Man immediately opened Du Lin's folder and looked at what was recorded on the document.

Even though the plan was already fixed and she had already done some detailed planning privately, a good plan still required repeated amendments and improvements. She had only used two days to complete the previous plan and the initial plan was not exceptionally satisfactory to her.

Dai Yiran sat diagonally behind her. As soon as Ye Xiaoxing and Xia Mengxuan saw that both Han Zhuoli and Wu Lize had left, they immediately huddled around her again.

"Yiran, why are you even stooping to her level! Even if you two don't compete, we know that she can't be better than you." Ye Xiaoxing's voice was loud and clear enough for Lu Man to hear. She probably never bothered hiding her resentment towards Lu Man.

"That's right. Can a university drop-out like her even compare to you?" Xia Mengxuan curled her lips.

"It's precisely because she is a drop-out that I am totally unafraid of competing with her." Dai Yiran was happy from all the flattery and started feeling a little smug. "Moreover, some people really don't have any self-awareness."

"Yes. In this situation, it's even more important to show those people what it means to graduate from a top school and to be a professional. Those amateurs who got in by pulling strings can't even compare to us." Ye Xiaoxing said, vaguely hinting at Lu Man.

Suddenly, Dai Yiran choked hard on her words.

Ye Xiaoxing was really an idiot!

Chen Shimian sniggered. Didn't Ye Xiaoxing just insult Dai Yiran too?

Compared to Lu Man, Dai Yiran was the one who had got in completely by pulling strings.

Moreover, Lu Man had an interview at the very least, but Dai Yiran didn't even go for an interview.

Dai Yiran's expression appeared unhappy. She started considering whether she truly wanted Ye Xiaoxing on her side.

Although Lu Man had heard what they were talking about behind her back, she could not be bothered at all. Anyway, ultimately, it would not be her who would have to swallow their words.

The happier they are right now, the more embarrassed they will be in the future.

Hence, Lu Man had indeed started to feel some pity towards Dai Yiran.

At that moment, suddenly her phone rang.

Lu Man looked at it. Surprisingly, it was from Han Zhuoli.

Her eyebrows jumped a little, and she unconsciously looked at her surroundings. Although everyone was facing her, nobody could see the name that was on the screen.

Lu Man quickly saved and closed the document. Then, she carried her phone and left the office.

She picked up the phone only after finding a place where no one was around, "Mr. Han."

"What did you call me?" With her phone pressed to her ear, Han Zhuoli's voice felt much closer than before.

It was as if his lips were pressed onto her ear, his enticing voice and hot breath falling on her ears.

Even though he was clearly not in front of her, Lu Man still could not help but shiver a little, her ears blushing bright red.

Although Lu Man clearly understood what he meant, she really could not get used to it. She just could not say it.

"Mr. Han," She said stubbornly.

Right after, Han Zhuoli's light laughter sneaked its way into her ear.

His deep and husky laugh was attractive and tickled her ear.

Through the phone, Han Zhuoli could not do anything to her.

Just wait, when they would meet again, he would like to see if she would still be this stubborn towards him.

Han Zhuoli pressed his lips together but still could not hold back his smile. He asked, "You're so confident that you can win Dai Yiran?"

Lu Man did not hide her thoughts from him. "Wasn't my plan already confirmed? It's already going to be executed right? Or is that decision going to be changed?"

Han Zhuoli's laughter could be heard through the phone again. "Of course it won't."

Indeed, he liked how she plays dirty and rip-off others.

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