Chapter 119: Wu Lize Was Blatantly Flirting with His Girl Right in Front of Him

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"Yes," Lu Man nodded.

"Is she recovering well?" Wu Lize asked as he entered the elevator together with Lu Man.

"She has almost recovered fully. The doctor said that if it goes well, she can be discharged this weekend." Regarding this, Lu Man also felt a lot more at ease.

Most importantly, Xia Qingwei was all better now. While she might not be as healthy like an average person, her health was a lot better than before.

That was more important than anything. Hence, Lu Man also felt much more relieved.

Now the next thing she needed to do was to focus on returning the money back to Han Zhuoli.

Even though she knew that Han Zhouli was well-off and it was a small sum to him, that did not mean that she could take her own sweet time to return the money.

"Let's go, I'll drop you off at the hospital and visit Auntie too," Wu Lize said.

"That's too much of a hassle for you. Besides, it's not on the way either." Lu Man did not want to have any relationship with Wu Lize in her private life.

Moreover, if others from her department were to hear about it, it would not be very pleasant.

On the other hand, it was also because she still remembered what Auntie Chai had said to Wu Lize.

Hence, she did not want to cause any trouble or let Auntie Chai misunderstand anything.

Therefore, privately, it would still be better to draw some clear boundaries between her and Wu Lize.

Coincidentally, just as the two of them walked out of the elevator, they saw Han Zhuoli walk out of the elevator beside theirs.

When Lu Man saw him, she immediately remembered that Han Zhouli had said that after leaving from work he would go along with her to the hospital.

However, she did not want to trouble either of them, but relatively speaking, Lu Man would rather go with Han Zhuoli because at least Auntie Chai would not misunderstand them.

Coincidentally, at that exact moment, Wu Lize said, "It's not troublesome at all. Previously when my mom was discharged, you gave us a gift, so I should return the favor too. Besides, I do indeed want to visit Auntie. Oh right, when the time of the discharge is confirmed, do let me know. I'll come to fetch you guys from the hospital."

Since Wu Lize's back was facing Han Zhuoli, he could not see Han Zhuoli's face gradually turning sour.

Whereas, Lu Man was facing Han Zhuoli and had to bear almost all the pressure.

The look in Han Zhuoli's eyes towards her was full of condemnation as if she had done something which had let him down.

However, she had clearly not done anything, yet under that look, Lu Man still felt a little ashamed and did not dare not look at him.

She felt strange, Han Zhuoli was clearly a nobody to her, yet why did she even feel ashamed!

"You don't have to do that much," Lu Man smiled dryly.

With Wu Lize standing between them, Han Zhuoli smiled sarcastically at her.

Lu Man: "..."

What exactly was that man thinking!

"No, it's nothing at all. You don't have to be so polite. If you truly feel uncomfortable with it, just treat it as a thank-you gift from me," Wu Lize said. Suddenly, he felt as if someone was staring at him from behind and felt extremely strange.

He shrugged that feeling away and continued, "Besides, since Auntie has been staying in the hospital for so long, she must have a lot of belongings in the hospital. It will be difficult for you to move and carry all those items alone but since I'll be driving too, it'll be good to have me around."

"Haha," Han Zhuoli laughed sarcastically. Wu Lize was blatantly flirting with his girl right in front of him.

However, Han Zhouli just turned around and walked away without a word.

Yet instead of feeling relieved that Han Zhouli had left, Lu Man became even more nervous than before.

After that, she saw Han Zhuoli stop somewhere ahead and take out his phone.

As expected, her phone immediately started ringing.

"Sorry, I've to answer this call first." Lu Man smiled apologetically at Wu Lize.

Wu Lize nodded to show he understands.

Lu Man sneakily glanced at Han Zhuoli who was standing slightly ahead. She quickly held her phone and walked a little further away.

She looked around before answering the call and said quietly, "Mr. Han."

Lu Man's stealthy behavior as if she felt guilty immediately make Han Zhuoli laugh sarcastically.

"Didn't I say I'll take you to the hospital?" Through the crowd of people, Han Zhuoli's piercing gaze fell fiercely at Lu Man. "Yet now you've agreed to Wu Lize?"

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