Chapter 121: Who Do You Want To Have Something With?

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Therefore, the majority of the employees took the train to work.

When Lu Man took a turn, there were not many people left.

"Beep!" Suddenly, a loud car horn sounded. Lu Man looked towards the source of the sound and saw Han Zhuoli's car.

She checked her surroundings. After making sure that no one was looking in their direction, she hurriedly ran over.

She realized that the windows on Han Zhuoli's car were tinted very dark. From outside, you could roughly make out the figure of a person in the car, but you could not see their features clearly. Lu Man immediately felt more relieved.

Lu Man quickly opened the door and got into the car. She finally let out a sigh of relief.

However, who knew that Han Zhuoli would not start the car. His left hand was placed on the wing mirror and he kept staring at Lu Man relentlessly.

"You're not starting the car?" Lu Man was extremely stressed from his staring. She felt uncomfortable all over and did not dare to look at him directly. She could only hide away from his gaze, feeling that she was very cowardly.

"You had so much to talk about with Wu Lize?" Han Zhuoli said strangely.

As Lu Man listened, she felt as if he was jealous.

She quickly tossed this dangerous thought away and cursed at him silently.

"I had to convince him to not send me there," Lu Man explained.

Han Zhuo was unsatisfied. "He's wooing you?"

"No. It's just that there was some small misunderstanding between us previously. He is very apologetic towards me and wants to repay me somehow." Right after Lu Man finished her explanation, she paused for a while and then raised her eyebrows slightly. "But this is my personal matter, it seems to have nothing to do with Mr. Han."

"Nothing to do with me?" Han Zhuoli's thick eyebrows rose. He just could not stand her ungrateful behavior. It made him extremely angry.

"Snap!" He unbuckled his seatbelt and immediately leaned over, pressing hard against Lu Man.

Lu Man was shocked. She quickly leaned back, trying to her hide and distance herself from Han Zhouli. Her thin figure was curled up in the small triangle between the car door and the car seat.

Looking at Lu Man eagerly curling herself up into a ball to squeeze into that tiny triangle, Han Zhuoli was amused.

He placed one hand on the car window and pressed the other onto the car seat, trapping her with his arms. "What are you hiding from?"

"You're asking me what I'm hiding from?" Lu Man mocked silently. She begrudgingly strained a smile on her lips. "Mr. Han, can you move back a bit?"

"Nope," Han Zhuoli said without thinking and particularly self-confidently.

Lu Man: "..."

He was so unreasonable.

"You just said I have nothing to do with you?" Han Zhuoli narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Lu Man laughed dryly and racked her brains to come up with a reason. Yet, before she could say something Han Zhuoli spoke again, "Then, who do you want to have something with?"

She just wanted to have nothing with everyone.

However, just as Lu Man opened her mouth, her lips were suddenly sealed. Han Zhouli's lips tightly clung onto hers and they seemed to be very cold, but in reality, his lips were extremely soft and gentle.

Han Zhuoli took advantage of the moment when her lips slightly parted as she was about to speak and invaded in. He scooped her up into his embrace and pressed her against the door.

"Mmph..." Lu Man was hugged so tightly she could barely breathe. She pressed both her palms against his chest, trying to push him away.

Yet, his chest was so hard and solid, almost as if it were a rock. It was pressed against her until she could hardly breathe. It was impossible to push him away.

While Lu Man kept struggling to push him away, Han Zhuoli kept kissing her fiercely. It had been so many days already. She was right in front of his eyes so many times yet he always held back, afraid to touch her, afraid of scaring her away and making her angry.

Yet, today he realized someone else was also interested in his lady. So how could he hold back?

Han Zhuoli was angry and anxious. It was impossible to hold back this time.

Lu Man's entire body was so soft as if she did not have any bones. She fitted right into his arms and he had never felt more satisfied than right now in his life ever.

After a while, he lifted his eyelids slightly and saw Lu Man's face was completely red. She was holding her breath during the kiss and could barely breathe. Thus, he finally let go a little.

However, his lips still clung onto hers, feeling the softness and sweetness of her lips.

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