Chapter 134: You Could Not Help But Feel Sorry For Me, Right?

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"In a while, after I've finished doing this bit, it won't take time, you eat first," Han Zhuoli said and suddenly felt that it was very interesting.

The familiar attitude they both had was like they had known each other for very long, they were like an old couple.

When he was doing his work, the corner of his lips turned up uncontrollably.

Hearing what he said, Lu Man covered the takeaway boxes again, and waited for a while, yet still did not see Han Zhuoli finish his work.

Lu Man hesitated for a bit, but in the end, she stood up and went towards his office table. "Are you normally like this, not eating when you get busy?"

Lu Man remembered that Zheng Tianming had mentioned it yesterday too that Han Zhuoli often did not eat when he was busy with work.

Han Zhuoli raised his head and smiled warmly. "It's alright, you can eat first, I'll be done very soon."

"You said that just now as well," Lu Man directly closed the file on his desk. "You must do your work, but you must also eat your meals. That short amount of time you take to eat does not hinder your work that much."

If it was anyone else, Han Zhuoli would have flipped the table on them.

But when this was done by Lu Man, Han Zhuoli only felt in his heart that it was so sweet, and really let Lu Man close all his files with a very good temper, not getting angry at all.

Why would he be angry?

Wasn't Lu Man acting like that because her heart ached for him?

"Alright alright, I'll listen to you," Han Zhuoli stood up with a smile, walking around the office desk, whereas, Lu Man had already returned to her sofa and was seated.

He saw that she was busy opening the covers of the takeaway boxes with her head down, not daring to look at him, but the tips of her ears were red.

As soon as Han Zhuoli sat down, he sat so close, right next to Lu Man such that his shoulder touched her shoulder and his leg touched her leg.

Lu Man stiffened, the parts of her body that were extremely close to him, almost touching, felt so hot as if they were on fire.

Just when she wanted to move away from Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuoli moved closer to her again. "You could not help but feel sorry for me, right?"

Such a good-looking face that was as handsome as Adonis, was suddenly enlarged in her vision, yet it did not expose any shortcomings in any part of his looks.

Even when seeing him close-up, he was still so good looking that his charm enchanted people.

His dark eyes were deep and enchanting, his nose sharp and straight and his lips were slightly curved with a bit of evil in them.

Moreover, he was a man, yet his skin was so delicate and smooth that not a single pore could be seen.

It was only near his lips and his jaw that she could still see the green tint on his face due to slight stubble even though he had already shaved his beard very clean.

However, it made his face that was too beautiful look even more manly, it made Han Zhouli look very masculine and virile as if bursting with testosterone.

Lu Man gaze uncontrollably wandered from the green tint on his jaw to the protruding Adam's Apple at his throat, she had never thought that a man with a protruding Adam's apple would look so handsome and attractive, or perhaps it was more accurate to say that she had never noticed it in anyone before.

Even when she was dating He Zhengbai, she did not feel that it was anything special.

However, looking at Han Zhuoli now, she actually thought that it was so sexy that she just could not help herself but get extremely attracted to him.

Han Zhuoli's light laughter came from above her head, and that laughter was coming from both his throat and his eyes, with his Adam's Apple bobbing up and down. All of this had a magnetic pull on her, heat spreading all over her body and the redness spread from the tip of her ears to her face.

She still could not understand, what exactly did he see in her.

"Man Man," Han Zhuoli suddenly called.

This kind of intimate address, Han Zhuoli had used when he had first gone to visit Xia Qingwei in the hospital before.

However, at that time, she did not have any feelings about it, it was probably that at that time, she did not even think about the possibility of romance, and just thought that Han Zhuoli was playing along with what she had said about them being friends.

However, hearing Han Zhuoli call her that right now, his low and magnetic voice caused the two words to be directly knocked onto her heart and blown at her face.

Lu Man's whole body suddenly turned blazing hot as if she was on fire, her mind went completely blank and she went weak in the knees.

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