Chapter 139: Lu Man, Be Less Shameless and Stay Far Away From Big Brother Han

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At that instant, Lu Man stood up to avoid having to face Dai Yiran since it was easy to lose out to her while seated.

"Sl*t!" Dai Yiran scolded as soon as she came up to her, stretching her hand out to hit.

Lu Man grabbed her wrist that was being waved down at her and coldly flung it aside.

Dai Yiran's feet were unsteady, and very disappointingly, she shakily retreated.

"What are you going crazy for!" Lu Man looked over at her, clearly annoyed and angry.

Dai Yiran backed away until she reached the front of the work desk behind her before stopping. She leaned against the side of the table, raising her hand to point an accusing finger at Lu Man. "Lu Man, be less shameless and stay far away from Big Brother Han."

When Lu Man heard that, she knew what was going on already.

In the afternoon while leaving Han Zhuoli's office, Ye Xuanxuan had seen her.

At that time, despise and disdain towards Lu Man was clearly visible on Ye Xuanxuan's face, however, Lu Man had been too lazy to guess what Ye Xuanxuan was thinking, but now it seemed that Ye Xuanxuan had actually thought that she had gone to seduce Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man pursed her lips, right now in her heart she was sighing that they really did not know who was seducing whom.

If she said it out loud, it would really scare Dai Yiran to death.

But of course, Dai Yiran was like a candle placed eight feet high, not able to shine on herself.

"I seduce?" Lu Man smiled coldly, looking at Dai Yiran mockingly. "Since I didn't talk about it, you really think that I didn't see it? Yesterday in the CEO office, you took his fountain pen, and you were going to kiss it right? For one, I didn't go and seduce the CEO, for two, I'm not as sly as you, secretly doing this kind of stuff."

Dai Yiran had thought that her actions yesterday were already fast enough, yet at that time, she had felt guilty and was scared that Lu Man had still seen it.

On that day seeing that Lu Man did not mention anything about it, Dai Yiran had let out a breath of relief thinking that Lu Man had not seen it.

Yet who knew that Lu Man would directly say it out now, and Dai Yiran's face turned totally red, she was grateful that there was no one else in the office at that moment.

"Don't talk rubbish, I won't let you taint my name!" Dai Yiran quickly calmed down composing herself. "About what you said, who saw it? It's only you here, who is speaking empty words. On the other hand, it's you who shamelessly goes to seduce the CEO, and there are witnesses for it."

"Isn't it just Ye Xuanxuan? She only saw me come out from the CEO's office, what else did she see? How can she so easily say I seduced him?" Lu Man said impatiently.

"Ha, who can you hide those thoughts from?" Dai Yiran contemptuously twitched her mouth. "Lu Man, one must be aware of their own capabilities and status, don't think that just because Big Brother Han talked to you a bit yesterday that you have a chance. As for Big Brother Han, people like you can't even touch the bottom of his pants."

Lu Man was very fed up, she was already so busy today, she just wanted to quickly finish her job and go to the hospital to spend time with Xia Qingwei.

Yet Dai Yiran just wanted to pick on this kind of insignificant matter and disturb her work.

She really wanted to ask Dai Yiran that is if she knew that a person must be aware of their own capabilities and status, then even when Han Zhuoli did not give her any face refusing to let her call him Big Brother Han, why did Dai Yiran not change at all?

At those times where did her awareness of her capabilities and status go?

"Don't talk about how looking at ranks and status are all old ways of thinking and how people are free to love now. Those things are just good to hear but nothing more. You still need to look at the status of the partners and see if it is suitable for each other, this is the reality. My birth status matches to that of Big Brother Han, you can't even match up to it."

Lu Man was listening inattentively, not taking Dai Yiran's words to heart at all, she was just worried about the stack of documents on her desk.

"Are you done speaking?" Only on not hearing Dai Yiran's voice anymore did Lu Man collect her wits. "After you are done speaking, leave quickly, I'm staying behind to work overtime, and I must quickly finish doing all of these work."

Dai Yiran was furious. "Lu Man is it that you actually don't understand, or are you acting dumb?"

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