Chapter 142: I Did Not Know That You Like Me So Much

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Han Zhuoli lowered his head to look at Lu Man, a hint of a smile on his face.

Lu Man really could not tell how much Han Zhouli had heard from what she had said to Dai Yiran.

But seeing his look of not being able to hide his smugness, it seemed that he had heard quite a bit.

"Admire me, like me?" the corner of Han Zhuoli's lips curved out, it was obvious that he was extremely pleased as the smile radiated even from his dark eyes.

The corner of Lu Man's lips trembled, could she say that she purposely said it to anger Dai Yiran?

Who knew that he would hear it.

"I did not know that you like me so much. Why didn't you tell me? Telling outsiders but not telling me, that's not good," Han Zhuoli raised his hand to rest on top of Lu Man's head, rubbing it, full of affection.

"..." Lu Man almost choked, she wanted to deny it and explain why she had said that but now she really did have some feelings for him and her heart was really moved.

However, it would seem like something was wrong if she did not explain.

Just as she was going to open her mouth to explain, the hand that was originally on top of her head suddenly moved to the back of her head, pressing against it and bringing her closer to him. Suddenly, Lu Man's lips were kissed by him.

Lu Man was so stunned that she stood still in Han Zhouli's embrace not knowing how to respond to his sudden attack.

Her whole body seemed to be sitting on his arm when Han Zhouli pushed her further up and carried her in his arms.

After a few seconds, Han Zhouli put her down on the office desk.

Again, her lips were totally covered by Han Zhuoli, and he sucked and stirred so much that she felt like her teeth, lips, and tongue were no longer hers and completely under the control of Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhouli's breath was getting heavier and heavier as he left traces on her lips and teeth.

Meanwhile, his two long and muscular hands were pressed on either side of the desk totally trapping her.

After quite a long while, Lu Man felt that she did not even have the energy to sit, and almost wanted to lie on the table, sensing that Han Zhuoli steadied her back and brought her into his embrace.

Lu Man's legs were spread on either side of his tall muscular body, and this posture made Lu Man so embarrassed and awkward that she did not know what to do.

As for at how bold she had been during her first chance meeting with him, actively taking off her clothes and kissing him.

Those actions were all forced by her circumstance, she desperately needed to, hence there was nothing she would not do.

However, the truth was that in both her two lifetimes, she was still a virgin, and never had a man or tried such a position.

Hence, at this moment when she truly experienced it, she was very embarrassed.

After kissing her for a while, Han Zhuoli lessened the strength he used to kiss her, his tongue and hot lips rubbing against her soft ones, and there was a slight curve of a smile. "I accept you liking me, there's no need to like me in secret anymore."

Lu Man: "..."

Even though he was the one who had said he liked her, now it was as if she was the one who had always liked him in secret.

This person was really shameless.

Han Zhuoli could not suppress his happiness, he had finally caught this little fox in his trap.

"Now that your heart already has an answer, there's no need to wait till Saturday," Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man into his embrace again.

Lu Man felt that she was almost getting squashed by him already, why did he have to keep squeezing her into his embrace?

She pushed him lightly, her face red, and this light push was finally noticed by Han Zhuoli, and he loosened his grip a little.

Upon lowering his head, Han Zhouli saw that Lu Man's face was completely red as if it would now start dripping blood and could not stop smiling at all.

Then he bent his waist forward, lowering his head furthermore and started kissing her everywhere on her face, from her eyebrows to the tip of her nose, from her eyelids to her cheeks, from the bottom of her ears to the tip of her ears, he did not let any part of her face get away.

Lu Man breathed in the minty smell of his which was now on her body as if she had been totally tainted by the smell on him.

After a while, Lu Man let out a breath of relief, her heart was feeling much more relaxed now.

Earlier she had still been conflicted as her heart was really moved by Han Zhuoli, but she was cowardly and did not dare to take that step of getting into a relationship again.

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