Chapter 150: Do Whatever You Have to Do to Your Heart's Content.

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Ye Xiaoxing's hand was trembling out of fear. After much effort, she finally inserted the pen drive into the back of the CPU of Lu Man's computer.

Then she stood up and looked around, seeing that no one was looking she let out a sigh of relief.

At that moment, Dai Yiran walked in. She held onto Ye Xiaoxing affectionately and said with a smile on her face, "Xiaoxing, from today onwards, you are a true friend of mine. What do you want to eat for lunch? It's my treat."

Now it was impossible to order delivery anymore, they had to leave quickly, if not, with only the two of them in the office, it would appear more suspicious once their plan is executed when Lu Man switches on her computer.

Ye Xiaoxing was choked by Dai Yiran's disgusting behavior, but since she was already in the same boat as her and could no longer get out, she directly named a very expensive restaurant.

Dai Yiran was in a good mood now, so she agreed readily.


Meanwhile, having finished her lunch, Lu Man was sitting idly on the sofa in Han Zhuoli's office with chin resting on her hand. "Can I stay here for a bit? You can busy yourself with your work, you don't have to mind me."

"Sure, you can stay for as long as you want." Han Zhuoli was surprised. He scooted over and scooped Lu Man into his arms. "You finally have some conscience and can't bear to part with me?"

Lu Man: "..."

What could she possibly say to that?

To be honest, she was actually creating an opportunity for Dai Yiran. She wanted to see what tricks Dai Yiran had up her sleeve.

But after what Han Zhuoli said, if she was to say the truth, it would completely ruin the atmosphere.

Lu Man only hesitated for a second but Han Zhuoli kept staring at her even harder, causing her stress to intensify.

"Am I wrong?" Han Zhuoli asked, his eyes narrowed.

"..." Lu Man hurriedly nodded. "Of course not, you were right."

"Why do I feel like you're just paying lip service to pacify me?" Han Zhuoli saw Lu Man's sly behavior and instantly knew that she did not mean what she said.

"No I'm not!" Lu Man hurriedly denied.

Han Zhuoli looked at her closely for quite a while that Lu Man started feeling a little sheepish. Then, he pointed at his lips. "Kiss me then."

Lu Man: "..."

Quick! Everyone, look here! Han Zhuoli behaves this way in private.

Han Zhouli's image of a male idol seemed to be crumbling.

"Hurry up." Han Zhuoli stretched out his long arm and carried Lu Man onto his lap.

Lu Man held onto the collar of Han Zhuoli's shirt tightly and closed her eyes. Throwing caution to the wind, she kissed him lightly on the lips.

Just when Lu Man was about to move back, Han Zhuoli suddenly grabbed onto the back of her head and immediately pushed her forward, forcefully pressing his lips onto hers. "It was such a light peck. How could that be a kiss?"

Right after stopped speaking, his tongue immediately started tangling with hers.

As he kissed her, Han Zhuoli sighed mentally. Every time he kissed Lu Man, it never felt like it was enough. Once he embraced her, he never wanted to let go.

His palm moved from the middle of her back to her waist, fondly stroking the side of her waist. Lu Man's tummy flinched. The spot where he was caressing although not bare and covered by her shirt, was hot and trembling.

Han Zhuoli felt that the little lady in his arms right now was so obedient that he could not help but to caress her continuously.

In his arms, she was just so thin and small. Unwillingly, Han Zhuoli moved his arms back. "Speak up. What's exactly going on?"

"Hehe," Lu Man giggled. "You're not busy?"

"I'm not that busy today." Han Zhuoli looked sideways at her, squinting his eyes. "You have to submit the proposal regarding Du Lin's case this afternoon right? You're so free now?"

"I've prepared the proposal long ago." Lu Man told him truthfully about her suspicion towards Dai Yiran. "I have to create an opportunity for her, no?"

"You're so naughty." Han Zhuoli tapped the tip of her nose.

Dai Yiran thought of creating a trap for Lu Man?

Lu Man had long since created one, waiting for Dai Yiran to fall right in!

"You're pitying her?" Lu Man looked at him coldly.

Han Zhuoli smile fell. "Even if I pity anyone, it's you."

He lowered his head, burying his face into the crook of her neck, taking in her scent. "My heart aches that she is causing so much trouble for you requiring you rack your brain to play around with her. Never mind, do whatever you have to do to your heart's content. I'll be watching your back."

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