Chapter 151: Wrapped Around Her Little Finger

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Unexpectedly, as Han Zhuoli talked, he started kissing her neck.

Lu Man started feeling tickly by his kisses, hiding away from them. Yet, her waist was suddenly held tightly by his hands. "Don't move."

Lu Man calmed down and immediately felt the tent growing in his pants. She hurriedly tried to clamber out of his lap but was stopped by Han Zhuoli.

"Just don't move first." Han Zhuoli said softly, "Just a while."

Whenever she left, he would always feel empty.

On the contrary, even if she was just sitting there and not moving at all, he would still feel complete and satisfied.

Yet, that only made Lu Man uncomfortable.

Hugging onto her so tightly, it made her feel warm all over. That was very obvious there too. How could Lu Man sit still?

Perhaps it was just her own imagination, but she felt as if he grabbed onto her waist and pressed her onto his hard-on.

In both of Lu Man's lives, she had never experienced such an intimate encounter with anyone, and right now Han Zhuoli was coming onto her so fiercely and suddenly that she almost jumped in shock.

Surprised, she bit onto his earlobe without thinking.

"Ssst..." Han Zhuoli sucked in a breath. It was in pain and a little numb too, yet that only caused the flame within him to burn even brighter.

Latching onto her lips, he kissed her fiercely.

"Wait and watch." His tone was a little evil and devious.

After he spoke, he finally let Lu Man go, turned around and headed to the toilet.

It took quite some time for Han Zhouli to come out.

Lu Man could guess what he had been doing. Yet, looking at him dressed neatly in his suit, prim and proper, it was honestly impossible to imagine.

At that moment, he still looked so clean and ethereal as usual.

However, when Han Zhuoli turned his head to the side, Lu Man could instantly see the bite mark on his earlobe.

She could not help but let out a little chuckle.

That bite mark was done by her.

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows. He walked over and immediately tried to bite her earlobe as well.

Thankfully, Lu Man was quick-witted. She instantly covered her ear and ducked. "No way, I still have to see the others at work in the afternoon."

Han Zhuoli snorted in anger. Look at what she was saying! As if he did not have to meet other people at work later.

"Come over and give me a kiss, then I'll forgive you." Han Zhuoli's wriggled his eyebrows.

Lu Man was absolutely speechless. She felt that Han Zhuoli's image as a male idol was crumbling even more.

What happened to his cold demeanor from her previous life? What about him not lusting over women?

Why was it that when it came to her, he could behave like that!

Lu Man shuffled over slowly. Standing on her tiptoes, she could not even reach his lips.

This man was honestly way too tall.

Curling the corner of his mouth, Han Zhuoli lowered his head and even bent his waist forward for her. On her toes, Lu Man could finally reach him.

After a light peck, she quickly moved back.

Having learned from her previous experience, Lu Man was quick and swift. Before Han Zhuoli could even catch her, she had already lightly ran away to the door.

"Break is almost over, I have to go now." Lu Man was about to open the door but paused suddenly. She turned around and saw a look of resignation written all over Han Zhuoli's face.

Lu Man's nimble eyes rolled quickly. Yet, Han Zhuoli really loved her wacky and crazy antics to bits.

Right after that, Lu Man threw him a flying kiss. "I'm leaving."

After she had turned away smoothly and disappeared behind the door, Han Zhuoli lowered his head, breaking into a smile.

Massaging between his brows, he wondered why a grown man like him could still be wrapped around that dainty lady's little finger.


By the time Lu Man returned to the office, the others had already returned.

She looked towards Dai Yiran's and Ye Xiaoxing's direction. Meeting her gaze, Ye Xiaoxing quickly turned her face away in embarrassment, afraid of looking at her.

Dai Yiran, on the other hand, was pretending as if nothing had happened.

After Lu Man sat down, Dai Yiran and Ye Xiaoxing both look towards her, staring deadly at Lu Man's every move.

This scene was coincidentally noticed by Chen Shimian. He rolled his eyes at the two of them. They both must be crazy!

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