Chapter 152: Can the File Inside Still Be Recovered?

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"Quick, switch it on! Switch it on quickly!" Dai Yiran mumbled to herself. At this moment, she was even more anxious.

Ye Xiaoxing's palms were all sweaty. She clasped her hands tightly under the table. "Please let it go well, please let it go well..."

Finally, under both their stone-hard gazes, Lu Man switched on the computer.

After the images of it starting up appeared on the screen, a dialogue window appeared, asking her to enter her password.

Lu Man entered her password. Then, she opened the folder with Du Lin's proposal and keyed in the password again.

Yet, right after her mouse clicked on "Enter", the computer let out a pop sound, and the screen suddenly turned black.

Lu Man tapped on the screen, then on the CPU, hurriedly trying to restart her computer.

However, her computer still did not have any reaction.

At that moment, the files stored in Lu Man's computer had all been sent to Dai Yiran's computer.

Dai Yiran immediately opened her email and checked her inbox. Soon after, she spotted Lu Man's proposal.

She opened it and saw the Lu Man had finished it all up. Moreover, it was formatted very neatly, and there were no errors.

Moreover, on the side, there were also detailed remarks and explanations.

Dai Yiran briefly browsed through the file from start to the end. Be it the format of the proposal or the content itself, they were all done perfectly.

The format of the proposal was neat and intricate, pleasant to the eyes. It instantly left a good first impression from the start.

The content itself was unique and outstanding too.

Dai Yiran face darkened. She had to admit that even if they were to compete fairly, her proposal could never compare to Lu Man's.

Dai Yiran's proposal was average and ordinary, she chose a route that any ordinary public relations company would choose too.

While she was in the university, the lectures mentioned proposals that could generally be used for most cases and she just used them directly.

Compared to Lu Man's proposal, hers immediately seemed plain and lacking.

Dai Yiran pursed her lips. Even if Lu Man had been busy for so many days, it was useless.

Dai Yiran checked the file once-through. Surprisingly, there was nothing to be changed. Thus she directly printed it out.

Meanwhile, Lu Man could not switch on her computer no matter what. Sweat started beading on her forehead out of anxiety.

Chen Shimian noticed that and walked over. "Lu Man, what's going on?"

Chen Shimian was also the first person in the office to show her any kindness.

Lu Man did not expect that there would actually be someone in the office who did not ostracise her. That made her froze in surprise for quite a while and her heartbeat slowed down gradually too.

She stood up. "My computer screen suddenly turned black and I can't switch it on anymore."

"Let me take a look." Chen Shimian checked all the parts. He saw the pen drive plugged in at the back of the CPU and assumed that Lu Man was the one who had inserted it. "I don't know what's happening either. Let's get someone from the IT Department to take a look instead."

Chen Shimian gave a call to the IT Department. Not long after, someone from the staff of the IT Department came over.

After checking, he connected a portable hard drive to the computer and switched it on under safe mode. He said to Lu Man, "Your computer is under a virus attack. I have to take it back to check."

Wu Lize walked over, frowning, and asked, "Lu Man, have you printed the proposal on Du Lin's case that you have to submit?"

Lu Man shook her head solemnly. "No, I haven't. It's still stored on this computer. I planned to check it after lunch and then print it."

Wu Lize heart sank. He asked the personnel from the IT Department, "Can the file inside still be recovered?"

"That would depend on the situation. If the virus attack is serious, it will definitely not be recovered. Also, If we have to clean up the entire disk, nothing can be recovered at all." The personnel from the IT department replied.

At the side, Dai Yiran looked at them gloatingly. "Sigh, we have to submit the proposal this afternoon."

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