Chapter 159: Based on the Fact That Lu Man Has Already Passed The Test

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The confident smile on Dai Yiran's face immediately fell. Gritting her teeth, she stared at the invitation in Wu Lize's hand.

Why was it given to Lu Man and not her?

"Xiao Lu, take it quickly!" Sister Li gave Lu Man a push. She had not expected that Lu Man could get the invitation card either.

However, since she received it, it was good news. She was happy for Lu Man.

Finally, Lu Man came to her senses. She moved forward, ready to take it.

"No way!" Ye Xiaoxing suddenly snatched the invitation card from Wu Lize's hand. Unconvinced, she opened it to take a look. Inside, Lu Man's name was indeed there.

"Ye Xiaoxing, what are you doing? Do you think that you could go just by snatching the invitation card?" Chen Shimian could not tolerate her behavior and openly voiced his opinions.

"I refuse to accept it!" Ye Xiaoxing ignored Chen Shimian and protested to Wu Lize. "Why is it, Lu Man? Xia Mengxuan and I are both more senior than her. Even if we go by seniority, it should be us too. Lu Man is just a newcomer, she isn't even past her probation period yet. This is just too unfair!"

"That's right, Manager Wu. You have to give us a reasonable explanation, else even I will refuse to accept it." Dai Yiran stood up. "It's fine that you didn't give it to me since I'm already on the invitation list. The company probably knew it too already, so they just excluded me."

Chen Shimian scoffed. Dai Yiran sure knew how to flatter herself.

Just now, she was still so confident and sure that the invitation card would definitely be hers. Eventually, she was immediately humiliated. Now, she had even started to find an excuse for herself already.

"But no matter what, Xia Mengxuan and Ye Xiaoxing still deserve it more than this Lu Man, who still hasn't passed her probation period. How could they skip the seniors in the department and directly give it to a newcomer?" Dai Yiran questioned.

"This is the company's decision. If you have an opinion about it, tell the CEO yourself." Wu Lize scowled. "Since the company made such a decision, the company must have considered the pros and cons. Besides, Lu Man has the skills. If she participates in the charity tonight, it would be easier for her to handle an emergency situation."

"What kind of talent does she have?" Dai Yiran was stubborn. Why in the world was the invitation card given to Lu Man and not her?

They could have given it to her, and she could have tossed it to someone else as she did not need it, but she could not become the second or third choice ever!

"There's still no outcome regarding the proposal on Du Lin's case. Who could confirm her talent? Manager Wu, because of your own personal feelings, you have sided Lu Man so much, it's outrageous!" Others dared not question their superior Wu Lize, but Dai Yiran completely did not have that concern.

What was a small department manager, anyway?

"Based on the fact that Lu Man has already passed the test and is officially in charge of Du Lin's comeback promotional plan." Han Zhuoli strode in, his every word hitting hard on Dai Yiran and Ye Xiaoxing.

Behind Han Zhuoli, Zheng Tianming followed closely.

Ye Xiaoxing felt guilty for her wrong-doing. Her face was already pale as a sheet, now even her hand suddenly became weak and the invitation card in her hand fell onto the ground with "pa-ta" sound.

Chen Shimian frowned. It was one thing to not want to give it to her, but she had to intentionally throw it on the ground just to humiliate Lu Man?

Without a word, Chen Shimian moved forward and picked up the invitation card. He then patted away the dust on the surface before handing it over to Lu Man.

"Thank you," Lu Man took the invitation and smiled at him gratefully.

Chen Shimian was stunned by Lu Man's smile for a moment. Even a man like him could not help as the back of his ears blushed red sneakily. He hurriedly thanked her and quickly hid behind.

However, Han Zhuoli had seen that and secretly made a mental note.

After that, Han Zhuoli saw shock and suspicion flashing across Dai Yiran's face. He said coldly, "Moreover, something interesting happened this time. The proposals that Dai Yiran and Lu Man were surprisingly exactly the same. Oh, I can't really say that it's exactly the same. Dai Yiran's proposal looked prettier and was more detailed. Comparing the two, Lu Man's proposal seemed a little more rough around the edges."

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