Chapter 170: I Thought That You Were Very Bold

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However, Wu Lize was convinced.

Even if Wu Lize were to split open his head, he would never be able to link Han Zhouli and Lu Man, let alone them being lovers. Moreover, these two people did not look like they would have any connections at all!

So the thought of Han Zhouli and Lu Man having some private relations did not spring up even once in Wu Lize's heart, and Wu Lize readily believed Zheng Tianming's explanation.

After all, Lu Man was the sole in charge of Du Lin's comeback plan, and it had little to do with him.

Then the CEO discussing this with Lu Man alone, it seemed... there was no problem either right?

Furthermore, Du Lin was the nephew of a shareholder in the company, so the CEO caring so much about him was quite normal.

Even though Zheng Tianming's explanation was quite unjustified, there was no need for Zheng Tianming to say anything else as Wu Lize had already convinced himself.

"Manager Wu, let's take this car," Zheng Tianming brought Wu Lize to the car parked three cars away from Han Zhouli's.

As Wu Lize was entering the car, he happened to miss seeing Han Zhuoli open the car door for Lu Man and protect her as she seated herself before walking around the car to the other side, and seating at the back with Lu Man.

"You look very good like this," Han Zhuoli turned his head, and could finally see her close-up.

Unlike the celebrities attending the banquet who would put on heavy makeup to look good on camera, Lu Man's makeup was simple and light, she had just touched-up her makeup before she had left to make her makeup seem neater.

"If it's not for work, I definitely would not let them see you this way," Lu Man was looking extremely gorgeous, it would cause other men to covet her.

Han Zhuoli took her hand, putting it in the palm of his hand.

Lu Man tried to struggle a bit, but was not able to get her hand out of his grasp, and could not help but look at the driver.

Han Zhuoli smiled lightly. "Xiao Chen does not matter."

Earlier on, it had been Xiao Chen who had changed Lu Man's lunch boxes.

Lu Man sighed in her heart, it was better to be more low key and it was not good to abuse dogs .

Yet the more Han Zhuoli stared at Lu Man, the more he liked her and could not even bring himself to let go.

She looked very delicate and alluring in the long dress he had chosen for her.

The v-shaped neckline exposed her milky-white skin and Han Zhouli could not help extend his arms and wrapped them around her waist, pulling her closer.

He lowered his head and pressed closer to her neck, gently nudging, and he saw that Lu Man's earlobes were so red as if all her blood had rushed to her ears.

He could not help but give a soft peck. "The first time we met, you were so proactive, I thought that you were very bold."

His breath tickled Lu Man and she could not help but tremble, "At that time, I was about to lose my life, why would I care too much about that?"

Han Zhuoli breath grew heavy, and he tightened his grip around her.

If he had not been there that day, Lu Man probably would have been successfully schemed against by Lu Qi.

Even if Lu Man had evidence in her hands, she might not have been able to use it before Lu Qiyuan destroyed the evidence.

With no one to help stop them, Lu Man would definitely be sent to jail.

He also thought about how Lu Qiyuan had plotted to frame Lu Man when Lu Hanli woke up, if he had not been keeping a keen watch, it was very likely that even though Lu Man had escaped that time in the hospital, she would still not be able to escape the second plot.

When he thought about how if he had not met Lu Man, Lu Man would have been framed by the Lu Family just like that, while he was unaware of her existence, his eyes were filled with anger.

Yet Han Zhuoli did not know, that all this had indeed happened to Lu Man before.

At that time, he did not know of Lu Man's existence. Moreover, when the whole incident had occurred in the hotel, they had just been separated by a wall, but Lu Man did not get to know him unlike this time as she had not entered his room sneakily.

Hence, Lu Man's whole life was ruined and reduced to fragments, and even when she died, she was full of regret and hate.

Even though Han Zhuoli did not know what had happened in the past life, he was still in fear of what would have happened had he not met Lu Man.

He had almost lost Lu Man!

If it were not for Lu Man being brave, and climbing into his room through the window, he could never have had the opportunity to meet Lu Man in this lifetime!

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