Chapter 171: Why Not We Head Home, to My Home

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Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man, gradually tightening his grip around her. "With me around, no one will dare to plot against you."

"Mm," Lu Man's voice was muffled. Lu Man buried her face into Han Zhuoli's chest. As she nodded, she rubbed against his chest. Each rub was stroking the flame inside Han Zhuoli, making him burn with a desire to possess her.

In her previous life, she really had no one to rely or depend on, but in this life, she had Han Zhouli, who was spoiling and protecting her to a great extent. In his arms, she felt exceptionally safe.

Xiao Chen looked at their reflections on the rearview mirror. Pitying himself, he silently raised the barrier blocking the back seats.

Lu Man: "..."

If he already knew that there was such a thing, then he should have raised it sooner!

Xiao Chen was quite a masochist too.

Seeing that Xiao Chen could not see anything at all, Han Zhuoli became even more reckless and carefree.

Seeing Lu Man obediently laying in his arms, his heart immediately started to itch.

Han Zhouli dipped his head and captured her mouth, kissing Lu Man's lips intensely.

He could not help but sigh to himself mentally. This girl, if only she would always be so obedient.

Lu Man's lips were kissed red and swollen by him. Her lips were glistening, a bright red rose color. They were plump and succulent. Looking at them, Han Zhuoli swallowed uncontrollably. He was extremely tempted to taste them once again.

He squeezed her waist slightly. Her waist was tiny and soft too.

Her entire body was extremely soft, making him wish he could just squeeze her right into his bones.

"Stop kissing me," Lu Man pushed him away and covered her mouth with her hand. "It hurts."

Who knew how long he had kissed her. Her lips were so numb they felt as if they weren't hers. She would even feel extreme pain if he was to touch them.

Lu Man rolled her eyes at him, not acting like a demure, meek lady at all.

As Han Zhuoli touched her lips with his fingers crudely, Lu Man hissed in pain.

Her lips seemed to be even more swollen than before.

Han Zhuoli pecked her at the corner of her mouth. "I'll change to a different place then."

Considering that she still had to attend the banquet, he could not leave any marks on her skin, so he could only nibble lightly.

From the side of her neck to her collarbone, trailing all the way down the collar of her V-neck.

The delicate and smooth sensation of his lips felt like cream being smeared on her skin by his lips.

Lu Man's skin was exceptionally milky white, unlike that of those female celebrities who applied powder wherever their skin was exposed just to appear fair.

Even if Lu Man did not apply powder, she was still extremely fair.

Right now, the skin beneath her lips was still glistening brightly.

In his arms, Lu Man was shivering non-stop. Her entire body was hot beyond belief, and she could not tell apart the parts that were numb or itching.

She felt as though her body was no longer under her control. She bit hard on her lips with her pearl white teeth, her breath heavy and uneven.

She did not realize Han Zhuoli's long finger had curled around her collar and was just about to pull it down.

Just then, the car stopped. Xiao Chen informed, "CEO, Miss Lu, we have arrived."

Han Zhuoli's actions froze stone-hard cold. His face was so dark as if he had just lost an investment worth billions of yuan.

Lu Man felt so warm and dazed that she had still not come back to her senses. Her entire body was flushed red in Han Zhuoli's arms as she held onto his collar tightly.

Somehow, she was had been teased so much by this man that she became like this!

Even now, her whole body still felt weak.

"Wait for a moment!" Han Zhuoli said to Xiao Chen through the barrier.

His voice was extremely hoarse. Xiao Chen definitely knew what was happening behind the barrier.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head and looked at Lu Man who was completely affected by what happened earlier. Gritting his teeth, he said, "I don't want to let you out of the car anymore. Why not we just head home, to my home?"

Lu Man: "..."

Without waiting for Lu Man to say anything, Han Zhuoli released Lu Man from his arms.

"Well then, wait a while longer and alight later," Han Zhuoli compromised, but he definitely could not let Lu Man alight in this state.

Right now, Lu Man looked extremely attractive and too enticing. Due to his kisses, her face was now even more charming, her beauty blooming like a flower.

In her current state, how could Lu Man be seen by anyone else.

Lu Man did not know that Han Zhuoli was being jealous and petty. However, she knew that she definitely could not get out of the car in her current state.

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