Chapter 180: You Finally Stopped Being Single?

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"I'll tell you once we get in the car." Right now, Lu Qiyuan was extremely furious, so it was not good to speak in public.

Yet who would have known that they would immediately get surrounded by a large group of reporters once they came out of the hotel entrance!

"Lu Qi, the charity auction has yet to begin, why did you come out so early?"

"I have insider information that you weren't actually invited today, is that right?"

"Lu Qi, tell us about it."

"What are you all doing, get lost! Get lost!" Xia Qingyang tried to block Lu Qi from those cameras.

But there were so many reporters, how could she manage to block them all, there were still quite a few long camera lenses that directly pressed onto Lu Qi's face.

As a result, Lu Qi's forehead and jaw were hit quite a few times.

"Get lost, all of you, where are the security officers?" Lu Qi was also anxious and could no longer bother to maintain her image.

How did these reporters get to know about this so fast!

"Sister Suo, Lu Qi and her parents have been surrounded by reporters outside, should we—"

"There's no need," Suo Wei's face was cold, "They don't need our help."

Previously, Xia Qingyang had been so arrogant. What had she said?

She's just a small Editor-in-Chief and could not afford to offend their Lu Family.

If they were so impressive and awesome, why did Xia Qingyang need their help!

Suo Wei turned around and went to report the situation to Nan Jingheng.

As soon as Nan Jingheng heard the news, he immediately gave Han Zhuoli a call, "Older Brother Han, I've chased them away already, where are you now?"

"As long as you've chased them away it's alright," Han Zhouli did not even bother to say anything else and just hung up the call.

"..." Nan Jingheng stared at his phone speechlessly, "Hai, these group of older brothers, all they do is kick people to the curb once they've outlived their usefulness."

Nan Jingheng thought about it, what did Han Zhuoli say earlier?

It seemed like he was near the bathrooms.

Nan Jingheng stood up and headed towards the bathroom.


When Han Zhuoli lifted Lu Man's wrist, he saw the reddened fingerprints on her hand and a sullen aura emanated from his whole body.

"I hit him too lightly just now!" Han Zhuoli said, his voice low and grave.

"It's nothing, it seems too red, but it's really not that painful," it was just easy to leave marks on her skin.

Han Zhuoli twitched his lips, very unsatisfied.

"Sit with me when you go back later," it was better to prevent those people with a poor vision from thinking that his girl was an easy target to bully.

"The seats have already been arranged, how can I sit with you?" Lu Man could not help but laugh, "The people at your table are all big bosses, how can you chase them away. Furthermore, I need to follow Du Lin, that's my job."

"I don't want you to be bullied," Han Zhuoli was unhappy and raised her hand towards his lips. Then his hot, wet lips carefully kissed all the finger marks on her hand

The soft and wet feeling was like that of a moist cotton rubbing on her wrist, it was soft, itchy, and numbing.

"Ah!" Nan Jingheng saw this scene as soon as he came and was stunned, "Older Brother Han, you finally stopped being single?"

Han Zhuoli, "..."

What was this guy doing here!

When he came, he did not even look at the occasion.

Since Nan Jingheng had seen him with his girlfriend, why did he have to interrupt them!

He should have just left quietly and not interrupted them.

"What are you here for?" Han Zhuoli's voice was full of disdain.

"..." Nan Jingheng was being choked by Han Zhuoli's self-righteous attitude even when Han Zhouli had himself kicked him to the curb after Nan Jingheng had outlived his usefulness. "I just came to see what trouble you met, but who'd that you would be here with Sister-in-law, you just didn't make yourself clear."

As he said that, Nan Jingheng walked over, "Sister-in-law, hello, I'm Nan Jingheng."

Lu Man was embarrassed by the way he was addressing her, "Hello, I'm Lu Man."

When he saw Lu Man admitting it openly, Nan Jingheng started to wink and made faces at Han Zhuoli, "Older Brother Han, you can really do it! When did this happen, why didn't you tell us?"

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