Chapter 186: Don't Regret

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Lu Man laughed. If Du Lin were to find out that Lu Qiyuan had treated him as a guinea pig, who knew what he would think.

"Is it possible that you've forgotten how Lu Qi framed me? Why should I even help her?"

Lu Qiyuan stuttered a bit and then said sheepishly, "All of that was just a misunderstanding. Your sister is innocent too. In the starting, all the evidence pointed towards you, that made Qi Qi misunderstand."

"She was the one who hurt that director and framed me for it. She's innocent? She misunderstood? Or do you want to say that this was done entirely by you and she didn't know anything about it at all?" Lu Man genuinely found it ridiculous and did not wish to talk anymore. "I will not help her, please find somebody who is more qualified than me. There are so many amazing and talented people out there, I'm not the only one."

Of course, Lu Qiyuan knew that Lu Man was not the only who was amazing in that field.

Currently, within the industry, there were two best Public relations companies. One of them was Han Corporation's Public relations department, though technically it couldn't be considered as a company as it was only a department within Han Corporation.

But they never took any cases from outside the company.

Just the artistes within Han Corporation alone were enough to keep them busy.

The other company was Wei Zilin's "Lin Yi".

However, Wei Zilin and Han Zhuoli had a very close relationship, so they definitely would not take up Lu Qi's case.

As for other Public relations companies, they were just ordinary with no outstanding track records and skills in managing artists. Also, it wasn't that he had yet to find them, but all of them would only provide a proposal only if he paid first.

After comparing various companies, he had finally decided on one and had even paid for it. Yet, despite all the different proposals that they had offered, none really stood out.

All of them were the typical run-of-the-mill proposals. If they were to go along with those proposals, even if Lu Qi could stay in the entertainment industry, she probably would never be able to stand out in the industry ever, let alone return to her previous days' glory.

Therefore, Lu Qiyuan finally thought of Lu Man.

Moreover, even though he was currently earning a lot, he did not want to waste his money on those useless proposals.

As such, Lu Man was his best option.

Honestly, Lu Qiyuan had not expected Lu Man to be so talented in this area.

Besides, if Lu Man were to be in charge of Lu Qi's case, things would be different.

Not only would he not need to spend a single cent but also Lu Man would have to obediently and sincerely work for Lu Qi.

"With you around, why would I still find someone else?" Lu Qiyuan asked, "Lu Man, don't be ridiculous. Qi Qi is your younger sister, helping her is your responsibility!"

"I've never treated her as a younger sister, you don't have to bother saying such words," Lu Man replied coldly.

"Lu Man, I'll ask you one last time, will you help or not?" Lu Qiyuan demanded.

"I will not!" Lu Man was decisive and firm.

"Fine, don't regret it!" Lu Qiyuan snarled.

Who knew that instead of begging to take back her words, Lu Man would hang up on him.

Lu Qiyuan stared furiously at his still cellphone and raised his arm, thinking of throwing away, yet after some thought, he still could not bear to and angrily lowered his hand.

Although Lu Man knew that Lu Qiyuan must be livid right now, she couldn't care less.

After hanging up the phone, she then returned to the hospital room and laid down quietly.


On Saturday, Han Zhuoli came to fetch Xia Qingwei from the hospital early in the morning.

Then, Han Zhouli gladly lent a helping hand, helping Xia Qingwei settle her discharge.

The way Xia Qingwei looked at Han Zhuoli was like a mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law, and the more she looked at him, the more pleased she was.

"Rest a while, Xiao Han, don't be so busy. Once everything is packed up, we will head off. You should drink some water first." Xia Qingwei saw that Han Zhuoli was sweating from all the work.

Upon seeing such a handsome, refined and elegant person standing there, it felt like he was worlds apart from everyone else. Yet when helping her to move her items, he did everything himself just like any ordinary son-in-law, he did not put on any airs at all.

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