Chapter 187: Son-in-Law?

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Han Zhuoli smiled as he took the glass of water over and drank it all. "I'm fine, we should head back soon."

Xia Qingwei hummed in agreement. Later on, Han Zhuoli carried all the luggage by himself and placed them in the boot of the car.

Both Lu Man and Xia Qingwei did not notice that just as Han Zhuoli's car left from the exit, a BMW 3 series drove through the hospital entrance and was on the lane to their right.

Wu Lize was driving and coincidentally saw Han Zhuoli's Bentley Mulsanne right next to him.

He felt that it looked familiar, but as he could not see who was sitting inside and did not even think that it was Han Zhuoli's.

After all, there were plenty of cars that looked the same, he definitely would not have thought that Han Zhuoli would appear here.

He only took a brief glance at it before looking forward again and parked his car in the carpark at the hospital.

Wu Lize then went to the inpatient section and saw that all the hospital rooms were empty.

"Nurse, may I know where is Madam Xia Qingwei from Room 502?" Wu Lize went to the nurse station and asked.

"She just got discharged, she only left about 10 minutes ago," The nurse said, "It seemed like her daughter and son-in-law came to fetch her, you..."

"What? Son-in-law?" Wu Lize was confused. "How many daughters does she have?"

The nurse smiled, "Just one, an only child, but she sure is filial. She always came and visited her everyday even after work. It's just that her father so useless, he even came to the hospital and caused a huge ruckus. From the way her father behaved, he definitely doesn't treat her as a daughter at all, more like an enemy instead!"

With all that, it was certain that she was talking about Lu Man.

"That's strange, I know her, she's my colleague. She's currently single," Wu Lize said.

"It's probably that she didn't tell you." The nurse looked at Wu Lize sympathetically. Before this kid could even start, he had already got his heart broken. "In my opinion, even if it's really not her son-in-law, it's most likely her son-in-law-to-be. Madam Xia looked pretty satisfied and pleased."

"How could she not be satisfied?" Another nurse smiled and said, "He's tall and handsome, and a really accomplished person. Moreover, he's exceptionally thoughtful towards Lu Man. He's practically an all-rounder, perfect boyfriend."

Wu Lize was dumbfounded upon hearing what they said.

Previously, Lu Man always refused to tell him exactly what time Xia Qingwei would be discharged today. He knew that Lu Man was trying to prevent any misunderstandings.

Since his mother had said something like that before, as a proud lady, Lu Man would definitely keep her distance from him.

Therefore, he came here so early in the morning just to give Lu Man a surprise.

Yet, who would have expected that not only did he not get to fetch her, but he also found out that she had a boyfriend.

Wu Lize's shoulders slumped, utterly disappointed.

Honestly, before he could even start dating, everything was over.

He could not help but think that back then if his mother had not said those words, would something have been possible between him and Lu Man?

"I've got it, thanks," Wu Lize left with a heavy heart, his head hung low.

Sitting in the car, he was in a daze for a very long time.

All these years, Lu Man was the first lady he had fallen for. Wu Lize's taste was pretty good too, and he had a successful career at such a tender age.

Yet regarding his expectations for his significant other, he always only had a blurred vision.

Until Lu Man appeared. It was then that Wu Lize realized that his other half should be like Lu Man.

Strong, brave, and independent.

Someone who would never bow down to difficulties and would use cold hard facts to refute any insults.

Someone who could solely rely on her beauty, but insisted on depending on her talent.

Quick-witted, fast-thinking and talented, yet who worked much harder than others.

She had plenty more strengths, but he could barely finish counting them all.

Every single detail that had happened was etched deeply in Wu Lize's heart, difficult to forget.

Wu Lize steadied his mind. He had decided right there that before Lu Man said anything herself, he would never place any judgment on her so easily.

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