Chapter 198: They Said That You... You Seduced the Boss to Climb the Ranks

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"That's none of your business!" Old Mrs. Han raised her voice.

"Alright, it's all up to you," Han Zhuoli decided to stop pestering while the odds were still in his favor. Also, tonight's outcome was already not bad, it wasn't that easy to settle everything in one go.

As long as Old Mrs. Han was open and willing to give Lu Man a chance, he was confident that his grandmother would definitely like Lu Man.

He just had that much faith in Lu Man.

Old Mrs. Han squinted at him. "Aren't you leaving?"

"I already have a girlfriend now, why would I still leave," Han Zhuoli said happily, "Get me a glass of fruit juice."

His heart was brimming over with happiness and sweetness so he wanted to drink something sweet too, was it?

"I still haven't acknowledged it yet!" Old Mrs. Han lashed out.

"As for whether you acknowledge it or not, I still have a girlfriend, so you can't refuse to let me enter anymore." Han Zhuoli was particularly smug today. Having a girlfriend had boosted his confidence tremendously.

And if his girlfriend were to become his wife, then he would also have someone to depend and rely on in the future!


On Monday, when Lu Man entered the company, she noticed people giving her weird looks and whispering to each other while glancing at her.

Lu Man frowned and went to wait for the elevator.

When she stood in front of the elevator, everyone distanced themselves from her and kept glancing at her, giving her a dirty look.

And this even continued during her elevator ride up.

Moreover, when she exited the elevator and entered the Public relations department, she saw all her colleagues huddled together, gossiping fervently.

The moment Sister Li saw her, she quickly hushed, "Stop talking about it."

"Why can't we talk about it?" As Ye Xiaoxing refused to give in, Xia Mengxuan tugged onto her a little.

Taking a look around, Ye Xiaoxing saw that Lu Man had arrived.

"Aiyo," she gasped instantly. "We should talk about it. It's not as if we did something that went against our conscience. Some people played dirty, and we aren't allowed to talk about it?"

"That's enough!" Sister Li scolded, "It's something without any evidence, what rumors are you spouting blindly?"

"How am I spouting rumors blindly? Besides, I wasn't the one who started the rumor, I only heard it from someone else." Ye Xiaoxing pursed her lips and sneered, "Looks like the whole company already knows about this unsightly matter of hers."

"Looking at how excited and agitated you are, now I definitely feel that you were the one who spread it instead." Chen Shimian had arrived just before Lu Man but he did not join in on the gossip.

However, Ye Xiaoxing spoke so loudly that even Chen Shimian, who was sitting at his desk farther away from them, heard her harsh and mean words very clearly.

"What's the matter?" Lu Man asked coldly.

Ye Xiaoxing huffed, "Do you not have any sense of shame—"

"Shut up!" Sister Li reprimanded fiercely, drowning out Ye Xiaoxing's voice. Then, she walked Lu Man to her seat and said, "Lu Man, you are going to know about these rumors sooner or later, anyway. So, rather than hearing it from that insolent Ye Xiaoxing, it's better that I tell you about those rumors right now."

"Go ahead, Sister Li," Lu Man was very calm and composed. After placing down her bag, Lu Man pulled over a roller chair for Sister Li.

Sister Li's eye twitched a little . Wasn't Lu Man being too calm about this?

"I don't know who spread this rumor that you... you seduced the boss to climb the ranks," Sister Li put it simply.

As for the other rumors, they had been cooked up by others. Also, the rumors got blown out of proportion and were overly exaggerated as they spread through the grapevine, making everything sound extremely terrible. Hence, Sister Li did not tell Lu Man about them.

"I have complete trust in you, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Chen from our department also believe in you. Having seen your proposal before, we know that even if Du Lin's case was assigned to us, we wouldn't have been able to come up with something that brilliant. To be honest, no matter who was assigned Du Lin's case, it would still be a hot potato for them. There was no cronyism in assigning this case to you, things have not been made easy for you nor have you been favored and given a go-ahead. Instead, that case increased the difficulty of you getting through the probation period. However, you made it and stood out with your own ability and talent. We know it very well. Rumors are just rumors, they will never become the truth." Sister Li encouraged.

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