Chapter 34 : " Being Loved {Part 1}"

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Hi Guys, Surprise we have reached the end of this Journey. Maybe it seems abrupt but i do feel this is the right place to stop. Thank to each and everyone of you who were part of this book. This is the final update which is divided into two parts for now, may extend in three if i couldnt cover everything in part 2.

Six Months Later .

It has been six months since Vihaan went back to his angel home ,even when his angel went back home for short trips he declined to go with her . And yet he couldn't decline when Yuv asked him to come for his birthday, last time his angel brother traveled to Delhi to spend his birthday with his sister ,this time he wanted to celebrate with his family and friends in his home .

Vihaan knew a huge part of Yuv reason stemmed from the fact he wanted his friends to be part of the celebration that included his sister , he wasn't ready to go back yet and pretend to keep the distance between them . But it was his birthday as well and his angel didn't want to leave him.

" Come on Vihaan, you told me that your sister and you shared the same birthday right ,which meant you would get to see her on her birthday. Granted you can't wish her or give her gift but you will get to see her . Six months is enough to let pavithra aunty know you aren't a threat . " his angel argued against his reasoning and so even though divya di was disappointed that her surprise party which was no longer a surprise had to be cancelled ,she agreed with his angel that he should go with her .

" We can throw a late birthday party for you after both of you come back that will satisfy both my wife and daughter . You go and spend it with your angel family " Rajeev bhai spoke up when he asked for his advise ,he had slipped and called lavanya ,his angel once three months ago and from then both Rajeev bhai and Divya di addressed her as such to him .

It started as teasing and the name stayed months later , so vihaan had agreed to go with Lavanya . They arrived a day early and vihaan stayed with his angel family , he knew the whole family would be awake to wish Yuv at 12 ,so expected a message or call from his angel after but was surprised to find a gentle knock at his door sharp at 12 .

Surely his angel won't dare to knock at his room in the middle of the night ,but at times he had discredited her courage . So got up and opened the door to find himself face to face with his angel family except Yuv .

" Happy Birthday Vihaan " their voices echoed in the house as they wished him and he was taken back to learn that he had to go with them to wish Yuv next . The confusion must have shown in his face that his angel mom spoke up to clarify making him wonder how he went from a stranger to a son in a matter of year .

" Well Last year we wished Yuv first ,and this time it was your turn Son . In our family we do take turns if a date coincides with more than one happy occasion . " his angel mom spoke up leaving him stunned at the words ,his angel must have noticed he stood frozen that her hands gripped his as she dragged him to Yuv room .

He wondered if Yuv would be disappointed that his family didn't wish him first but the little guy was delighted when they walked inside his room to wish him ,he had been wide awake and was apparently waiting for them with a smile and the smile didn't fade at the fact Vihaan went with them as well .

" So that why you were late for a minute ,I wondered why so ..Happy Birthday Vihaan bhai " Yuv spoke up leaving Vihaan really feel happy at the heartfelt wish.

Vihaan had assumed nothing would beat the happiness he felt last year when his birthday had been celebrated for the first time but in truth that was not the case ,last time he had been Lavanya friend not the person she loved ,last year his angel family celebrated his Birthday because he had been their daughter friend and this year he felt like it was because he was their son .

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