The Black Knight ( 48 )

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Zeref gasped and looked down at the black sword that was pierced through his chest. Lazurus smirked as he raised his second sword leaving the other embedded deep in Zeref's chest. He ran the black blade under Zeref's chin and whispered in his ear.

"You don't get to lay a hand on my brother."

Lazurus ripped his sword out of Zeref. Then threw him across the room away from Ty like a rag doll.

Ophelia dropped me and ran to her master's aid. She drew her sword but before she could attack Lazurus turned and snapped his fingers. Her own shadow rose up and wrapped around her legs make her fall. The shadow then grew encasing her in black.

Lazurus then turned his attention back to Zeref. I took my chance and ran to Ty. I kneeled down next to him and helped him steadied himself.

"Lazurus?", He whispered unsurely. Confused by his daze.

"Yes", I confirmed," It's him."

At that moment I knew I would never forget the bright smile that graced his lips that day.

I glanced back at Lazurus and Zeref, who was holding his chest as blood poured from the wound.

Zeref laughed but it came out as more of a cough.

"It's been so long since I've felt pain. Can't say I've missed it though", Zeref said hovered his hand over the deadly wound.

There was a soft silver light then Zeref removed his hand the blood and hole were gone. As if it was never there in the first place.

"I'll make sure pain gives you a warm welcome", Sardis smirked as his shadow warped around him.

The shadow faded to relieve an armor-clad Sardis. He raised his twin swords and charged Zeref.

Zeref quickly got up summoning the dragon sword and met Sardis' attack

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Zeref quickly got up summoning the dragon sword and met Sardis' attack. However, Zeref was quickly overcome. Sardis finished his attack, slicing through Zeref's side. Zeref stumbled back but didn't cry out as the cut healed itself. Zeref wasn't as quick as Sardis nor as skilled with a sword and it showed as Sardis dominated the fight. But it meant nothing as Zeref continued to heal himself.

Lazurus refused to submit and kept up his endless display of attacks. Zeref's blood painted the ground but no wound marked his body.

"All the years we have been together you've learned nothing. You can't beat me", Zeref laughed.

"No. I've learned everything", Sardis said coldly.

Sardis whispered a series of unfamiliar and ancient words. His swords glowed white. Even from where I was sitting I could feel the heat that radiated off of them.

Sardis swung his sword an arc of white light cut the air as he did. The light hit Zeref in the chest. He cried out as the light burned and threw him back into the stone wall.

Sardis was breathing heavily as he closed the distance between him and Zeref.

"How can you use such magic?", Zeref yelled furiously as he clutched the wound that refused to heal.

"For the last hundreds of years, I've been stuck with you meddling around in my head. But I spent all those years studying and planning for this day. I know all your weaknesses! As for how. Having an immortal sorcerer suck inside your body does have its advantages", Sardis said opening his arms.

"Not even I can keep that high of level magic going forever. How long do you think you can before it kills you?", Zeref smirked.

"Long enough."

They crossed swords again. This time Zeref was more protected of himself, blocking with the dragon sword and weakening his armor with his magic as the deadly sword only bounded off the ebony armor.

"This is just a pathic attempt at mimicking the power of Spero", Zeref mocked.

Sardis didn't reply as he kept cutting away a Zeref, but his attacks were getting sloppy even his armor began to fade back into shadows.

Ty groaned as he struggled to gain his footing.

"What are you doing."

"I need to help him", He said reaching for his spear.

"Your hurt. He'll kill you."

" I can't lose my brother again."

"You won't. I promise."

I grabbed my sword and stood to join the fight. When I looked back at the deadly pair his armor had completely faded. Without Sardis helmet, I could see just how much the magic was draining him.

A thick stream of blood ran from his nose pass his mouth and off his chin. His breath was raggy and choppy. He attacked with poor strikes yet he wore a blood strained smile for every time he hit his mark.

Without his armor, Zeref was able to use the deadly dragon bone sword to its full extent. Sardis was careful. Dodging every chance he could, but Zeref took advantage of Sardis' tiredness. Cutting him deeply on the inside of his thigh. The cut burned and sizzled against Sardis' skin.

He cried as he fell at Zeref's feet. Zeref raise the sword and brought it down at Sardis, but I was there in an instant. I stepped in front of Sardis and raise my sword to meet Zeref's.

He was strong, but I held firm under his sword. I pushed back, breaking the block. Staggering Zeref before continuing Sardis' destructive array of attacks.

Zeref had no choice but to back up from the furry of attacks, giving Sardis time and distance to recover.

I lifted my leg and kicked Zeref square in the chest pushing him back. Using my distance I opened my hand and aimed a continuous jet of red hot flames at him. Zeref reacted with his own magic, an invisible force that held back my fire.

We both held our ground as the two forces collided. I put everything I had into my fire as sweat dripped from my forehead. Zeref shared my strain through clenched teeth.

"You have power. But your ignorance will be your ruin", Zeref warned with a sadistic look on his face.

He laughed manically and used his other hand and summoned an unstable light then crushed it in his hand.

Immediately the room shook and the stone room cracked. I stopped my fire when a chunk of the ceiling nearly crushed me. Zeref continued laughing darkly before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

I looked back at Lazurus and Ty as more stone fell. Ty kneeled, holding himself up with his spear, at his brother's side who was sickly pale.

"You need to get out of here", Ty pleaded.

"Like I'm leaving you", Lazurus laughed.

The brothers smiled at each other before the room completely collapsed and everything went black.


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