Chapter 35 : Being Loved {Part 2}

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Lavanya didn't like the sense of fear as she walked towards the room Vihaan sister was hiding from everyone , she didn't know why she volunteered to speak with her when her brother had been quite insistent that he should be the one because her brother didn't know the reason his friend was upset . Pavithra aunty was in tears and Vihaan looked to be in shock that she knew it should be her who should talk .

Her mom was consoling pavithra aunty and her dad was trying to keep the rest of the family occupied , she gently told Yuv not to worry and join their cousins while she would speak with his friend. She didn't say anything to Vihaan but she only looked at him assuring him ,she would find a way to reassure his sister in the room .

A gentle knock went unanswered so she opened the door to find her huddled in the couch crying and it broke her heart ,just last year around today her brother found out about her adoption but he had lived with cousins who were adopted that it wasn't such a foreign concept to him ,but with Lavanya it might be entirely different .

" Lavanya.. Will you look at me " she asked gently and the little girl looked up to her with tear stained face .

" Everyone lied to me ,he wasn't your friend and she wasn't my mother " the little girl words were so broken that it hurt Lavanya to even think about the confusion in her mind set .

" No Lavanya, you know how the adults tend to keep stuff from us because we are too young to understand, this is one of them . They never meant to lie to you ,just wait till you grew up . " Lavanya answered back as she looked at Vihaan sister and wondered if she would find a way to soothe her hurt . She understood the child would feel betrayed by the truth . When the little girl remained silent she decided to say those words that she needed to hear .

" Meera, Anjali and Ishaan were adopted ,you know that right . Do you ever felt their parents don't love them , no one could adore Meera as much as Laksh uncle and you seen little Anjali last time right ,didn't you see how much her parents loved her . Adopted doest mean you are not their kid ,Lavanya. It just a word that connects you both. " Lavanya spoke up as Vihaan sister looked towards her . That she decided it better to speak till she listens .

" And Vihaan is my friend and even when he had been my friend ,I knew he was searching for his sister with whom he got separated in the orphanage and only recently he learnt about who adopted you and do you know how happy he had been to know you . He wanted to tell you that you were his little sister but as adults tend to do ,he waited for you to grew up a little " Lavanya spoke up and began to worry about the continues silence from the other side ,she hoped by now Lavanya may get a word of her but so far she remailed silent .

" Anjali.." Just a whisper of the word from his sister and Lavanya understood she was trying to puzzle it out in her brain . And Lavanya knew she can't overload her with more information ,so she waited for her to speak up as she sat beside her .

" What about my parents? " the question that every one would have when found they were adopted ,yet the answer was never easy ,Lavanya thought back to what Vihaan had told her about his past and decided to share the minimum as possible for now .

" Vihaan lost his parents when you were six months old and you both were sent to the orphanage ,he told me how much your parents loved you Lavanya . But they couldn't be with you and you were adopted few weeks later by your parents who loves you as well . It must be too hard for you to understand everything ,but just know this you were loved and they are two people out there who loves you more and it would hurt them to see you sad " Lavanya knew she was letting the little one jump to the conclusion on her own that her biological parents were dead but right now she didn't want to over burden her .

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