Pls read and vote on my story, thanks.

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Nothing makes me hit that delete button on my message board faster than someone begging me to read their book. We get it, you're a new author, you're anxious for numbers to feel that validation as a writer.

But no, I will not check out YOUR Taekook fanfiction that you ever-so confidently and boldly have promoted on MY message board. Asking people things for your personal gain on their profile makes them less interested in your book by default.

It's like when your mum yells at you to do dishes, do you want to do the dishes after being told to do them? No. Let people come to your story naturally, because when people come naturally they're 10x more likely to be genuinely interested in it.

If you want reads, there's plenty of self-promotion spaces on Wattpad, but be patient and sit your ass down. You're not going to blow up overnight, look at the dates on most famous stories, it's taken YEARS to get to their degree of popularity.

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