Stolen Ideas and Copyright

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I have to get my Unique Idea™ out there before someone else does it first!!! That's something I'm sick of hearing. Nothing is original. Your idea? It's already been done, rather that be another story, a game, merely just thought of, or whatever else.

Now now, that's not to discourage you from writing it, what makes an idea original is the way you portray it, the way you write it, and little things in between.

And if you're worried about someone stealing your oh-so unique story, don't. You can't copyright a plot/concept. In fact for copyright infringement on Wattpad, Wattpad states you cannot copyright titles, character names, similar plots, or similar themes. So unless someone copies your story in full with the exact details down to the finest hairs, there's ain't much you can copyright.

Not saying you shouldn't add a copyright disclaimer to your story, it can scare story thieves away sometimes. All I'm sayin' is, that copyright may not do much, especially if they copy and post it to another platform which is common unfortunately.

Besides, if someone has to resort to stealing another person's creativity, they're not going to portray it nearly as well as you the creator. And hell, if they're stealing they most likely can't write for shit anyway. So calm your noggin and stop worrying about if someone's stealin' and keep writing your Unique Idea™.

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