Home at Last

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"How was yesterday?" Asked my mom who was standing in front of my bed.

"Good?" I yawned.

"I can see why you call it good, considering your handsome boss carried you to your room." She opened my curtains.

Handsome boss?

"So what's your relationship with him?"

"I'm too tired for this."

"And is he the reason why you're always having different moods after work?"

I sat up. WAIT A SECOND.

I heard noise that woke me up.

"What are you looking at me for? I'm old and I can't carry heavy things." An old guy said with a British accent.

I heard a manly groan. "Don't you dare bug me about this later."

I heard the passengers door open. I closed my eyes.

He opened my door and slid his arm under my legs and his other arm around my shoulders.

I was being carried like a princes. But who was carrying me?

The rest was blurry but I remember one last thing before I drifted off to sleep.

"Thank you so much! I don't know what I'll do without you." Was that my mom?

A nervously chuckle. "Yeah no problem."

"By the way who are you?"

"I um, I'm her boss."

"I see."

Why were they talking outside my room? Can they give me space I'm trying to sleep?!


"You're boss huh? Now tell me why did he take you home at midnight?"

"Melida the girl I told you about ditched me so I walked home and I got lost. And then they saw me walking in the middle of nowhere. So they took me home." I told her so I won't be dealing with other questions.

I stood up and brushed my teeth in my mini bathroom.

"You didn't tell me your boss was that hot."

"What are you gonna do about it mom?"

"I don't know, set you up with him." She said making me spit my toothpaste from my mouth.



"What's wrong? It's not like he's a horrible person."

"Little do you know." I muttered.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing." I wash my mouth with water.

"By the way you better get dress your dad wants to eat breakfast at his favourite waffle place." With that my mom left my room.

Oohhh I haven't had waffles that we're actually good in ages.

Like I said my dad went for a business trip in London.

So by ages meant a week for me not having good waffles.

I wore a plain white shirt and sweatpants.

I didn't really care about my look anymore.

Considering yesterday, how I regretted wearing a skirt when it was windy and cold.

My dads favourite waffle place had an aesthetically nice design.

It had stripe of pink at the top, light blue, with a warm brown, and dark brown at the bottom for the wallpaper.

It was bright with lots of windows.

And light brown tables and chairs.

Our favourite spot to eat was one of the booths that was 1 booth away from the door.

My dad sat in front of me and beside my mom.

I ordered two waffles with butter and maple syrup with two strawberries.

My dad ordered 4 waffles, maple syrup, with butter and blueberries.

My mom ordered 2 waffles, slices of banana, and chocolate syrup, with butter.

With the first bite you feel like you've entered paradise, with the maple syrup melting in your mouth.

The strawberries adding a little bit of sourness.

"How is work?" My dad asked.

I was surprised. My dad was the type of dad that doesn't ask, he just assumes everything is okay.

"Umm. It's going good." Well I guess I'm not really lying.

The people I work with are nice like Melida, James, Jack, Patrick.

Riley and Scarlett.

Maybe Mr. Rose I think he's a fun guy but is too serious.

The only thing that's making me have mixed emotions. Him.

And I don't know what to do.

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