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This is gonna be a pretty long, in-depth discussion about many topics that are problematic and very serious and involve child predators. All I have to say is buckle the fuck up for this one ladies and gents because we're going in today.


I'm going to be talking about two popular books; I'm not going to name names because I don't want people to run and tell these authors (some of you will probably know the books I'm speaking on still) how I'm attacking and hating on them (I'm not) when I'm talking about/summing up these books because they're very problematic and bizarre.

If you put something out on the internet is it for the public—people have a right to critique it and say their opinion. Everything on the internet is open for discussion and that is exactly what I am doing.

I don't hold any hate or hard feelings towards the authors of these books, if anything these authors do not understand how toxic these books are themselves and neither do their young, impressionable readers. 

Remember what I said in my other disclaimer about how you can never fully see the other perceptive if you stay in your bubble of a community of only like-minded people?

So please, before you message me or type a comment here with how wrong I am; read this entire thing and if you still don't understand—then well—you're most likely too young to fully understand or too deep in your own world.

I promise you the title of this discussion is relevantwe'll get to it later. And if you're curious about me saying this involves child predators, you can skip toward the end but I highly recommend you read the whole thing to understand why I even brought that up in the first place.

The first book

This book is about a 17-year-old girl, her dad's not in her life blah blah blah. And suddenly her father inserts himself into her life and her mom is forcing her to go live with him and they start to feel attracted to each other. Keep in your noggin, he's a famous billionaire and he's 2x her age, of course.

Now—here's the twist—he's not her real father but they themselves don't know that. Anyway; there's a scene after she moves in where she comes downstairs at night, and before she gets all the way downstairs she peers into the kitchen. 

Only to see her DAD butt naked fucking some woman bent over the kitchen counter. 

So what happens next? No, she doesn't yeet herself out the house and run to the nearest therapy office whilst pouring Clorox in her eyes. They see each other—he makes eye contact with her while he's still deep in this woman. 

The girl runs upstairs turned on for whatever reason, she pretends to be asleep when her DAD comes into her room after what happened, sits on her bed, and whispers to her in her fake sleep how he's going to fuck her like how he fucked the woman, then leaves.

Anyway, fast forward, they fall in love and keep it secret from everyone considering she's not even 18 yet. Need I mention how they do all of this before they even find out that they're not related? There's a line where her father says how he would've fucked her in front of everyone at his house party and how he wants her blood-related or not...

I'm sorry what? What about that is sexy and hot? The author states there's no incest in the story but I'm pretty sure wanting to fuck who you think is your underage, blood-related daughter is indeed incest. It's statutory rape too.

 And then comes the time, the time for her to lose her virginity to Daddy! (Incestuous pun intended) 

So when they have sex—he slams into her with his 8-inch throbbing c0ck (coochies are only like, 6 inches or less deep and hitting the cervix that hard can hurt but go off I guess). She screams in pain because.... rape, he doesn't stop even though she's clearly in pain but it's okay! She soon starts screaming his name in pleasure!!

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