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"You doing alright Charlie?" Drake called, watching her bump her head on the hood of the car she was working on for the sixth time in less than twenty minutes. 

She looked at him, eyes glazed over and nodded, hardly speaking any words since she had that fight with Fury. Drake stared at her worriedly, continuing to watch her just stare at the engine, hardly getting a thing done. He walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder, finally catching her attention.

"What's the matter? You've hardly been getting any work done," he commented.

She sighed heavily, running her hands through her hair and moving to take a seat. "I got into an argument with Fury and I haven't spoken to him since," she admitted, the weight of the argument pulling her mind down.

"Don't waste your time over a pussy," Frank said from underneath the black Sudan he was working on. 

"Pussy or not he is still my brother," she commented.

"A brother who did nothing for you until you called," Drake pointed out, raising his brows at her. "Look, us as a club, we already know Fury. He's been President for years now and what he's done before and just recently isn't the person he is. He's a devoted member and he's always looked out for us."

"He was compensating for something," she said, pointing to herself. "Whatever. I don't even know why I'm letting it bother me."

"Because you hoped coming here would rekindle your broken relationship," Frank said, causing the both of them to look at his legs that hung out from under the car.

"Oh piss off, Frank. You and Fury deserve each other."

With that said he slid from under the car and was on his feet, glaring down at her and her glaring right back. "What'd you say?"

"I said you two deserve each other," she snapped yet again, Drake watching with wide eyes. "You ignore me and continuously be rude to me over something as stupid as seeing your face and my brother couldn't spare a second of his life to save me. No wonder you do everything he says."

The demons in his mind screamed and he turned and punched the wooden pillar, removing a large chunk of wood. She watched him throw a tantrum, watched as he spun around and pointed a finger in her face. "Don't stand there and pretend you know fucking anything about me. You got problems with your brother, take it to him. Don't throw your fucking comments at me 'cause you're pissed."

"Fuck you, Frank!" she screamed.

"Yeah? Well fuck you too! I didn't do shit wrong, you invaded my privacy. Fuck outta here with your family issues, at least you got one fucking left," he shouted, throwing the wrench at the concrete wall, a few flakes falling, and stormed upstairs.

Drake was scared to say the least but more shocked to see that Charlie wasn't scared but still pissed. She grabbed her jacket and headed for the front. "I fucking hate this place!" she shouted as she went, going somewhere, anywhere but there.

She was acting like a brat, she knew it, but she was so angry, so upset. She shouldn't have taken it out on him, after all, he did save her life. Was that any way to treat anyone? She knew better and she regretted her words but what was said, was said and there was nothing she could do about it.


Charlie was gone the rest of the day. Frank had gone back downstairs after cooling his head and continued working on the Sudan once again. "Do you normally get into fights with women like that?"

"Just her," he said sharply, indicating that he did not want to talk about the subject, at all.

He worked for hours straight, trying his hardest to release some pent up energy and to clear his mind. He knew something had been up with her, he just never would've guessed she got into a fight with Fury. He assumed it was because he ignored her which, based off her outburst, had a role in it.

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