Chapter twenty seven

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Days have passed and I haven't moved not even an inch. I just stared out the window watching people smile and laugh like nothing in the world was wrong, like their lives were perfect. I wish my life was like that.

My mind keeps replaying the memory of Cameron dying in front of me and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry, but I couldn't. No matter how much I wanted to cry nothing came out. I just sat there with no emotions.

I didn't know how to feel any more.

Why can't I ever be happy? Why can't I be normal? Why can't I have my happily ever after? Why me? Why?

I guess I just don't deserve to be happy.

Cameron why did u have to leave? We had so much plans and ideas to do together? We were suppose to go on our little adventures?

You promised you would never leave me, but you broke it.

"Luna hurry up!" Cameron shouted reaching out for my hand.

'We've been walking for ages. My legs are aching. Are u sure we're not lost?' I signed to Cameron letting him hold my hand.

"First of all we've only been walking for like 20 minutes you lazy shit and second we're not lost. We're almost there." Cameron says leaning down so his head is the same level as mine. He moves a strand of my hair behind my ear not moving his eyes away from mine.

'My legs are dead. You should just go on without me and let me die here!' I sign and sigh dramatically.

Cameron rolls his eyes and bends down so I can climb on his back. I smile.

"We're started this together and we're going to finish this together," he says carrying me to the destination. I put my head into the crook of his neck and smile about how lucky I am to have Cam in my life.

He puts me down and covers my eyes with his hands.

"Are u ready?" He asks softly.

I nod my head and he slowly moves his hands from my eyes.

It's a lake.

"Come on then!" Cameron says holding out his hand. I grab on to it and he leads my towards the lake. He let's go of my hand and takes his shirt off.

I give him a confused look. He smiles and says we're going to swim. We're? What does he mean we're? I am not setting a foot in the water. I don't even know how to swim.

I snap out of my thoughts as I feel myself getting picked up. Cameron starts carrying me up a hill where there's a rope. Omg. Omg. No no no.

I start smacking his back to let me go but he doesn't budge. What is this guy made out of?

He grabs on to the rope while still holding me. Omg. I guess this is it. I'm going to die.

"Your not going to die Luna. Trust me," he says. I nod my head looking into his ocean blue eyes. I grip on to him tighter and close my eyes.

Next think you know I hear Cameron screams like Tarzan and jumps. Good bye world.

We land into the water and I'm still gripping on to Cameron. I'm going to drown. Ugh, why did I trust this idiot?

"Luna calm down I got you? Your not going to drown. I'm not going to let you." I nod my head and take a deep breath slowly letting go off of him.

He holds on to my waist and I slowly calm down.

"See your fine."

I smile.

We spend a few more minutes in the water and decide to get out.

We lay down on the grass looking up at the sky. We were laying there in silence, but it was a comfortable silence.

"Luna?" I turn my head so I'm facing Cameron.

"What do you think we should do next for our next adventure?" I shrug my shoulders.

'I don't know, but we still have time to decide. We are going to be the greatest adventures of all time even if I get a bit over dramatic and think we're going to die' I smile sheepishly.

"A little dramatic my ass. My back still hurts from when you were gripping on to me. You have some sharp nails," he says with a little chuckle.

"Luna, where do you think we go when we die?"

I quickly sit up and look down at him.

'Honestly I don't know, but why are u asking'

"I don't know it was a thought."

I give him a pout and look down. Why is he thinking like this? He would tell me if somethings wrong. Right?

Cameron sits up and lifts my chin with his finger.

"Don't worry Luna. Nothings wrong. It was just a thought and plus we have too many adventures we have to complete before I go anywhere. But most of all I promise I will never leave you and will always be there when you need me."

He pulls out a box from his pocket and he opens it. It was a beautiful locket. He put it on me and I opened it. It was picture of me on his back and both of us were laughing. I smile at the picture.

"I promise..." I look up at Cameron and he smile and I give him a hug believing his every word.

"I love you Luna"

I move my face away from the window and look down at the locket he gave me.

I love you too Cam forever and always.

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