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Five years later

"Dillon if you don't get your butt down here right now!" I yelled as I stood at the bottom of the stairs.

The sound of small footsteps echoed throughout the castle. For a five year old he stomps like an elephant.

"Yes mommy?" He asked innocently, but he was far from innocent. Frosting was smeared all over his round little face, large blue eyes staring up at me.

"Did you eat the cupcakes that were in the kitchen?" I asked calmly. Dillon looked away from me and fiddled with his fingers.

He then looked me in the eyes and shrugged, "maybe?". A frown crawls onto my face, "those were for your uncle and mine's birthday party.We aren't supposed to eat them right now" I scold.

"But daddy said it was okay!" He shouts defensively. I sigh. Of course Ares let him have the cupcakes, he practically spoils the kid.

"You snitch!" The voice of my husband, shouts. I rolled my eyes and turned around to glare at Ares who was glaring at our son.

"Sorry" Dillon simply shrugs unapologetically.

Ares huffs as he makes his way towards me and wraps his arms around my waist, which was very difficult for him to do since my very large belly was getting in the way. I was now pregnant with my second child.

A lot has happened over the past five years. After I was crowned queen and ares and I completed the mating we were finally able to combine my old pack with the royal pack.

Elijah was able to work things out with his mate and now they're happily mated and looking to adopt. Jake and molly had two children already and my father was able to find someone new to be his mate.

Her names Bella, she's a very sweet lady and is everything my father deserves.

All is right in the world.

"Come on, We should start heading to the party. Jakes already there and we're the last ones to arrive" Jake says and I nod my head in agreement.

I grab the cupcakes from the kitchen and make my way towards the car with Dillon trailing behind me.

Ares is leaning against the car, his dark hair ruffled up a bit from sleeping, apparently he was too lazy to fix it.

His light blue eyes land on me and a smirk spreads across his handsome face, "took you long enough". He opens the back door and puts Dillon into his seat.

Ignoring his comment, I climb into the passengers seat. Shortly after Ares climbs into the drivers seat and starts the car.

"Off we go!" Ares shouts.


"I can't believe you are late to your own birthday party!" Elijah says as he gently pulls me in for a hug. I chuckle "when am I ever early to places?", Elijah nods his head agreement "yeah true."

We planned to have the party at the lake since it's hot outside, and that's where we are currently.

Jake smiles at me before going back to barbecuing hot dogs, meanwhile his mate is playing in the shallow part of the lake with their kids. My father makes his way towards me hand in hand with Bella.

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