Chapter 24

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When Peter and Steve rushed back, the nurses told everyone that no one was allowed in. Tony argued but she said they had to perform surgery first.
They were all waiting outside. None of them spoke, just exchanged some looks.

15 mins has gone by.

20 mins.

30 mins.

At this point the tension in the room had gone away and they were all just waiting. After a good 45 mins, the nurse who's name was Cara, opened the room. Everybody stood up and walked up to her.
Cara had a smile on her face, it wasn't one peter could read. But it gave him hope, but for all he knew it could be a sympathetic smile if something did go wrong during surgery.

"she's okay, she may need a day  to rest so unfortunately I can't allow any visitors until tomorrow midday" She spoke with a soft voice.

Everyone exhaled, as if they had been holding their breathes all day long.
She was okay.
she was alive.

No one was bummed that they couldn't see her immediately, although Steve did argue a little, but Peter could see through the big smile and relief on his face that he was happy.

The same day, as peter was sat in his living room eating take out with May.
"so, I know it's been a little crazy lately but ..are you ever gonna tell me about her?" May spoke casually, but like she had been waiting to ask that for a long time.
Peter flushed, immediately knowing who she was talking about. Of course May knew there was a girl, Peter had tried to avoid his causal grins whenever he would just think about her. Or when May asked who he was texting but he would completely avoid the question.
"um..who?" He spoke, voice breaking a little from his very obvious lie.
"Fine, it's Tonys daughter, um Alissa" Peter said too quickly and flushing. May smiled a big smile.
"I knew it! So what is she your girlfriend??" May said too excitedly.
"no no, we uh we're's nothing, I mean we've kissed a few times and that's it"

"oh my god!! I have to meet her, please invite her for dinner sometime!" May said. She started roughing up his hair "my little boy is growing up huh"
Peter chuckled and pretended to be annoyed at her messing up his hair. He told her he's try to get Alissa to come over after everything was over.

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