Chapter 25

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It was the next day.
Peter had just arrived to the hospital, which he now was familiar with. This time though, the guards let him in even tho he still got a questionable look from them.
He walked up to the reception and the receptionist told him where everyone was. He walked up some stairs and finally saw Tony and Steve sitting on some plastic chairs.
Apparently they had moved Natasha to another room.
"Hey" Peter spoke once both of them looked up. Tony smiled and Steve nodded.
"So uh how is she" Peter said whilst fiddling with the sleeve of his sweater, he was nervous.
"She's okay, the nurse said she'll be conscious soon" Steve said.

and so they waited again.
They waited about 45 mins, Peter had a few coffee runs and spent most of his time playing some game on his phone.
Finally, nurse Cara showed up and to Steve immediately stood up.
"Goodmorning Mr. Rogers, Natasha is conscious and you may visit her" She smiled sympathetically.
"Okay, just press the emergency button if something happens" She said and turned around and walk away. Steve walked up to the door and then turned back, facing Tony and Peter. As if he was asking for permission to see her first.
"Go on" Tony smiled and Steve nodded and went inside.
Peter took a deep breath.
He was nervous.
"you okay kid?" Tony asked. He was sitting right beside him in the same uncomfortable plastic chair.
"Yeah, I just ..I'm nervous, what if she like..hates me" Peter said, already feeling stupid once the words came out.
He knows she's basically a Russian assassin and has been through way worse. But he was already way too intimidated by her and this really made things worse. I mean, if only he had gotten up the window in time or-
"Listen, Nat's a badass and a little ..scary yes but she's not gonna blame you for this, she loves kids actually, surprising I know" Tony said adjusting his glasses. Peter was about to point out that he wasn't a kid, he's 17! But he tried to calm himself down.
He tried to look through the window to see Steve and Nat but you couldn't really see anything.
After a few mins, Steve came out. His eyes were red as if he had been crying, which he probably had. Tony and peter walked up and tony put his hand on Steve's shoulder and gave him a smile.
They both walked in and it felt weird seeing her like this, she was laying down in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown and her red hair was messy. She smiled a weak smile once she saw them.
"Hey" she said and tried sitting up, Tony immediately rushed you to her and helped her sit up.
"Hey I'm okay, i can get up" Nat said with that same weak smile. Peter walked up to her and sat at the end of the bed.
"Nat I know you're tough but you better get some rest" Tony said looking at her, she rolled her eyes but in a jokingly way.
You could see that these two had been friends for decades.
"Hey Natasha" Peter said. should he call her "nat"? Were they on nickname basis?
" hey kiddo"

Peter spent the next 10 mins sitting at the end of the bed, casually nodding along to Tony and Nata conversation. He would chuckle slightly at their jokes. To be honest, he didn't know what to say.
"Hey I have to call someone from work, I'll be right back" tony suddenly said and stood up.

After he had walked out, he was left alone with Natasha.
"Hey uhm Natasha, I'm really sorry I- I was really worried, you know, about you and it's just that-
"Nat, call me Nat. And Peter, its okay.  I'm fine, ive been through way worse than this" she laughed.
He felt relieved.
"Alissa misses you a lot" Peter said.
"Well you tell your girlfriend I miss her more" she said smiling.
"I will, wait what did you- uhm she's not my, you know about" His cheeks flushed. Nat knew?!
She let out a laugh, "don't worry she told me, I'll promise I won't tell anyone"

"She uh..she said I was her boyfriend?" Peter said nervously.
His heart right now was beating so fast.
"No silly, I'm just teasing you, but you better ask her soon. I'm rooting for you two!" she said.
Peter awkwardly laughed, he didn't know what to answer to that.
"Hey isn't it cool that I'm spider-man and you're black widow, we're like ..arachnids" Peter said suddenly, he had always thought it was so cool how they both had similar super hero names. This made her laugh even more and she agreed.
"Cool indeed, arachnid gang" she said and help up her fist. He laughed and jokingly fist pumped her back.
Things between them were good.
And she wasn't so scary as peter thought, she was actually so sweet.


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