Chapter one

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Finding refuge in an empty church (Y/n) staggers down the aisle eventually collapsing at the altar. Wincing in pain she manages to prop herself up against the cool marble and checks the deep gash which has been sliced into her stomach. She tries to tell herself that everything is going to be okay.

Unable to bring herself to look at the wound any longer (Y/n) blankly stares up at the ceiling and does her best to think back to the events that happened mere moments ago. Recalling a dark figure she pushes her memory hoping to remember what their face looked like or at least a distinct feature, but all she remembers is the burning pain she felt after the knife plunged into her stomach. Was that dark figure male, female? tall, short? fat or thin? (Y/n) had no idea.

As she sits in the church waiting for the sun to rise it's as if time itself had begun to distort, mere minutes dragged on like hours, while hours flew by like a couple minutes. A crimson pool of blood surrounds (Y/n), realising this she desperately tries to wipe the floor with a sleeve worrying about the mess she's made and if it'll cause trouble for the priest.

Head feeling dizzy as the arms that support (Y/n) buckle from under her, she's forced to stop her futile attempts to clean the blood that's still seeping from her wound. Submitting to her fate she slumps back exhausted of everything, 'maybe this is for the best?' (Y/n) thinks to herself, 'If I'm gone I can stop being a pain to my relatives that kindly took me in, I can stop annoying everyone at school, and my boss can finally hire a good employee'

'If I'm gone everyone can be happy'

A mind numbing emptiness creeps in on (Y/n) as the prospect of dying scared and alone becomes a reality she feels that she truly deserves.

Black spots appear in her vision, and any hope she had for survival goes down the drain. Suddenly, a cheerful voice calls out to her from the gloomy blackness, "Wow that's a nasty wound you got there! Not gonna last much longer with That kinda blood loss!" Too weak to reply (Y/n) can only look in the direction the voice came from.

Emerging from the churches somber shadows seven almost angelic looking men appear in front of her. But looks can be deceiving. Despite their heavenly charm the devilish way they carry themselves can make even the toughest men's skin crawl, truly a pack of wolves in sheep's clothing. Every instinct screams at her to run, to get away, yet her exhaustion shackles her to the spot.

Surrounding (Y/n) they stare at the girl covered in blood barely hanging on, their eyes shine with interest almost as if they're finding a sick kind of amusement in the horrific scene.

The leader of the seven steps forward crouching down in front of (Y/n), a lump of nerves clogs her throat as she struggles to breathe under the intense pressure this man is letting off. Stomach churning and knotting, blood running ice cold to then boil under her skin. He reaches out to her and gently brushes a stray hair behind (Y/n)s ear, opening his mouth he speaks, "do you want to live? I can save you," his words are practically dripping in an intoxicating mixture of temptation and confidence.

Although tempted (Y/n) can't help but think, 'am I even worth saving? Do I deserve to live?'

Unable to think of a reason to live she stays silent turning her gaze down. Once again the man speaks, "everyone is worth saving, any wish, we can make it happen-" seven sinister smiles stretch across each of their faces, "-money? Love? Success? Tell us what you want and you'll receive it."

Getting weaker and weaker (Y/n)s world begins to be engulfed in darkness, her mind was so gone she couldn't even process the fact she hadn't uttered a single word for the guy to answer. The pain of loneliness consumes her as the tears she's bottled up her whole life roll down her cheeks,

The last of her energy is spent on the words, "I don't want to be alone"

(Y/n)s vision fades to nothing.

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