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Nicolette's POV
After a few hours, most of it had passed. I spent those hours watching the sun set and worrying about my house. I tried to practice some simple spells, but my energy was too drained. I watched the moon come out. It's a few days to the full moon, but I doesn't really affect me.

I heard the howling of wolves under the moonlight and listened to them hunt. I looked at the digital clock on the cabinets across from me and it read 1:27 AM. There was a soft knock at the door and my head snapped over to it.

"I'm going to leave for tonight. If you need help, press this button," Dr. Lauren said walking in. "If it's an emergency, press this red button. A doctor will come up here and notify me."

I nod and she cleans up a bit and left me a glass of water next to my bed. I press a button on the side which dimmed the lights. The howling went on but I didn't mind.

I haven't been near werewolves in so long, but I needed to leave. If I stayed here too long, more people could find out. I'm tired of killing people because they know. I just want to be left alone.

I flip the concerts off of me. I went to the window and fumbled with the latch. A small pain in my stomach started but I kept fumbling with the window.

The pain started growing. I gasped as a sharp pain went through my body. I fell to my knees and grabbed my stomach.

Third Person POV
As the pain get worse in Nicolette's body, she starts to groan and hit her back up against the wall. Her wolf whined in her head knowing he was with someone else.

Tears roll down her face as the sharp pain goes through her body. She held on to the side of the hospital bed, trying to focus on something else other than the pain.

The side of the plastic hospital bed frame started to snap from the amount of pressure she put on it. She lets out a cry as it completely breaks and the pain is unbearable.

It was like she was burning alive but she just couldn't die. She let out an blood-curdling scream causing the window in the room. Glass flew threw the room and she fell to the ground.

A nurse on a lower level heard a noise and quickly rushed upstairs to see what had made all the noise.

She knocked on the door of Nicolette' room considering she was the only one up there. After a few more tries, she opened the door and saw her laying on the ground.

Her blood starting pooling around her from where the glass had cut her. She immediately linked Doctor Lauren, waking her up.

She saw the window busted and immediately called another nurse to prepare another room so she could be healed.

Nicolette's body was being ripped apart from the inside out. Her energy was drained. Her wolf nor demon could heal her. She was weak. The cuts didn't heal instantly, she stayed on the floor as the blood from her body strained her clothes.

Doctor Lauren quickly made her way to the pack hospital. She slung the doors to the upper ward. She walked in watching a male doctor carry her into another room.

She tried linking the Alpha, but she couldn't reach him. She looked into Nicolette's room and saw the blood and broken glass everywhere.

She sighed as she stared at it. She had her suspicions about what she was but didn't question it.

She walked into Nicolette's new room and dismissed the nurses and doctors in her room. She walked over to Nicolette and sighed.

She started with cleaning her wounds up. She stitched them up, noticing that there were more bruises up here stomach.

'Lauren what do you need?' The Alpha finally answered back. She set down her stuff and pulled. Nicolette's shirt back down.

"I would recommend coming down here. The she-wolf isn't doing well," she took the Alpha. She heard a sigh then a confirmation that he was coming.

She hooked Nicolette to an IV and heart monitor and quietly shut her door. She had passed out from the pain.

Doctor Lauren sat on one of the waiting room chairs, trying not to fall asleep. After a few minutes, she sees the Alpha coming from the window of the doors.

"This better be good Lauren. I was busy," he grumbled as he walked into the upper ward. She nodded. She felt nervous around him. He emitted a strong power from him that made everyone cower in fear.

"A nurse lower level found her on the ground. The window was blown out and she was on the floor bleeding out. Her wolf is week. She doesn't have enough energy to heal her right now. She doesn't seem to be regaining energy fast enough. I stitched up her cuts from the shards of glass but there's bruises all over her body," Doctor Lauren says.

She stops at Nicolette's door and notice small jumps in her heart monitor from the window of the room.

"Come on Doctor I don't have time tonight," Malcom grumbles. She quickly nods and opens the door. She walks over to Nicolette and pulls her shirt up to show all the bruises.

Malcom let out a low growl as she touches his mate's skin, but it was low enough that she didn't hear.

"I've seen this happen before," she sighs as she traces her finger along Nicolette's bruises.

"What exactly is happening to her?" Malcom said. Gots wolf started to get irritated that someone else than him is touching his mate.

"She has a mate. He is with another she-wolf. Her wolf is going into a depressed state. Whenever her mate is with another female, her body starts to do this. She's a werewolf. These bruises should heal fast. These look a few days old. If her mate keeps doing this, this could kill her. It's killing her from the inside out."

Nicolette's POV
Just a few hours of rest and now I'm back in the darkness. My wolf was hurt yet again. How could he? He was with another she-wolf while his mate was on his pack lands.

I've been with my wolf for a long time. In all the 600 something years I've known her, she has never been this quiet, this hurt. She's always talking to me, but now it feels like I lost apart of myself.

The same ringing from before repeated again and I started to see a faint brightness. My eyes started to open and I had changed places.

Instead of a tiny pack hospital room, it was a large open spaced bedroom. The windows had long bars of steel over them.

Fuck. I'm trapped hear. I'm in a fucking cell, but it's basically a over pampered cell.

"LET ME OUT," I yell at the top of my lungs. I heard stomping in the hallway. The lock of the door jiggled and Malcom came storming into the room.

"What the he'll do you want," he growled. I let out a snarl and lift my hands up and mumbled a spell. He flew backwards and his back hurt the wall.

"I gave you a place to stay and you attack me," he growls, letting his anger show. I flip the blanket off of me and stand up growling.

"You see this?" I ask him lifting my shirt up and showing him my bruises. "Do you see all the shit I've been through in the past week. Do you know how much pain my wolf has been in and you ask me how dare I?"

"It hursts so much. Do you know how much it killed me to know that you were with someone else. WHILE I WAS ON YOUR PACK GROUNDS. It hurts so much," I cried falling down. He fell to the ground and growled.

"It hurts so much," I cried.
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