Chapter 1 <3

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"I-it's right there Dora!" I pointed eagerly at the screen when the cartoon character asked me where the hidden apple was. Even though I had seen this specific episode over fiftey times already, Dora The Explorer has always been my favorite tv show.

I reached over into the large bowl that sat in my lap and grabbed a handful of animal crackers before devouring them carelessly. Without taking my eyes off of the screen I pat the empty seat on the couch next to me in hopes of finding my pink pacifier, but I had no such luck. "Wha.." I finally pulled my eyes away from the screen and looked underneath the fluffly white pillow that I had been laying on a few moments only to find that mu pacifier wasn't there. That's when I felt my lip starting to wobble and my eyes starting to tear up.

"Thumper w-where did paci g-go?" I spoke in a shaky voice as I tried not to be a crybaby about it, but unfortunately that's the only thing I know how to do. I pulled my stuffed rabbit into my lap and chewed on his long floppy ears for comfort Instead. The old grey bunny was the only person I trusted in this world.

At least his cotton is least he doesn't lie to me.

"Adalena." I heard someone call my name from outside as they knocked on the front door and my heart beat doubled. "Open up this door right now." I could hear my father's voice from the other side of the door. I quickly stuffed Thumper under the couch along with all of my other stuffed animals and coloring books.

"Uummmm she's not home right noww!" I called over my shoulder as I struggled to make my living room area look completely normal. The last thing I wanted was for my father to put two and two together again. He'd just throw me back into the mental institution like he did last time.

And the time before that.

"Nice try kiddo open up this door, you know the drill." He jiggled the door knob while I scanned the livingroom floor once more.

After a while of worrying and mumbling nonsense to myself I stumbled across the cold floor with my barefeet and opened up the door.
"H-hi dad." I stepped aside and widened the door for him to come in. I watched as the man gave me a brief glance before giving a small smile.

"Goodmorning kiddo I'm just stopping in before I head to work." He finally spoke after a while of walking around the place.

"Ohh that's uhh thats good." I mumbled as I fiddled with my fingers not really knowing what to say. If I even breathe wrong I could kiss my freedom for the next 6 months goodbye.

"So you haven't been doing any of that weird stuff right?" He asked before looking over at me and I stiffly shook my head.


"Good, because that is embarrassing. That makes me look like I was a bad father to you, and I can't have my company thinking I have mental daughter." He laughed in disbelief as if he hadn't just offended me.

"W-why would they uhh.." I chewed on the inside of my cheek nervously. "Why would they think that?" I asked and he shrugged carelessly.

"I don't know kid. I'm pretty sure you're in the newspaper somewhere." Dad smiled and shook his head. "Worlds craziest millionaire." He raised his hands in the air slowly as if introducing an act. "Behold the girl who likes to call her boyfriends daddy and make them spank her for being a-"


"What's it called? Ddlg or something right-"

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"What's it called? Ddlg or something right-"

"Dad!" I hissed after a while of him mocking my entire existence. He looked over at me and dusted imaginary dust from off of his work suit. "S-stop making f-fun of me." I frowned in the slightest way possible. I didn't want him to get angry with me or anything.

"Fine." He laughed and raised up his hands in surrender. "Okay crazy pants i'm off to work now, you should stop by later so I can introduce you to a few of my employees. Who knows kiddo," he shrugged "Maybe you'll make some friends."

I didn't have any time to react or respond for that matter. He was already out the door and walking back to his car.

"Love you too dad.." I sighed and shook my head as I walked to the slightly ajar door just in time to see him pulling out of the drive way in his expensive black car. "Have a nice day at work.." I trailed off as I pushed the door shut with the back of my foot.

"Maybe I wouldn't freakin' be like this if you had just given me some attention growing up but nooo." I mumbled to the now empty apartment.

and there you have it a day in the life of Adalena White...a very very pathetic one.


- Babygirl-


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