Chapter 2 <3

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"Sebastian you had one job and you couldn't even-"

"Calm down boss, don't get your panties in a twist just yet." Sebastian smirked as he slid a yellow envelope onto my desk and crossed his arms with a smug look.

"Is that...?" I gave him a look and he rolled his eyes. "No it's a picture of me naked." He snorted and I quickly walked across the office room and closed the blinds.

"How did you get it?" I asked in a rushed voice as I nearly ripped open the package. I pulled out the police report and picture as I read over the information. "Oh my god..this is-"

"Fucking amazing I know." Sebastian sat down in a chair and kicked his feet up on my desk.

"How did you get this? Isn't this confidential-"

"Hey your wish is my command and then you pay me for it. I'm not going to go and tell you all my secrets Mr. Boss man." Sebastian smirked once more and I pushed my glasses back to my face when I caught them sliding down.

"Seb do you know w-what this means!" I whispered getting a little too excited. "I can use this to black mail the greymark company and the ceo will have no choice, but to do business with us."

"Who would want to work for someone with a murder charge." Sebastian nodded proudly.

"Exactly." I smiled and brought my arm back down in victory. "Yes!"

"Okay calm down Peter parker I don't want you having another heart attack." Sebastian spoke and I scowled

"Firstly I told you to stop calling me that and secondly I did not have a heart attack it was a panic attack, and that was because you put a spider on my-"

"Sir you have a meeting that starts in 10 minuetes." My secretary Josie spoke when she entered my office and the tension immedietly thickened.

"See you later Boss." Sebastian stood up to leave and I reached under my desk and grabbed a thick white envelope that I had already stuffed with cash.

"Wait." I called and he looked over his shoulder. "What now?"

"Deal's a deal." I spoke and handed out the envelope. Sebastians green eyes flickered over to Josie with a small glare on his face and she simply stared down at the floor holding her pink clip board in her arms.

"Thanks." Was all he said as he took it from me and quickly left the room without another word. I pushed my glasses up akwardly and let out a whistle.

"And that my friend is why you don't date in the work place." I spoke trying not to laugh and she looked up and glared at me.

"Fuck you."

"That is no way to speak to your boss Josie." I teased and she rolled her eyes.

"Mom should have used a condom." Was all she said and I laughed anyway."I know right look at what you've become."

I stepped aside just in time to see a clipboard flying past my head and this time I glared at her. "Josie."

"Why is he always here Mason?" She let out in a low whisper and I could already see her eyes watering. I sighed and ran a hand through my messy hair.

"Because he works here Josie." I shrugged not really knowing what else to tell her. "I don't know what you want me to do about that."

"Y-yeah but like what does he even do?" She shook her head in disbelif and I nearly rolled my eyes at her. "I-I mean he's not your secretary obviously and he doesn't have an office here or at any other company so-"

"Josie stop-"

"Then fire him!-"

"Just because you're my sister doesnt mean that I can't fire you Josephine, so stop being nosey and just do your damn job for once." I snapped and she shrank back and looked back down at the floor quietly.

"No .. No I'm sorry Josie you don't have to do that with me." I sighed and rubbed my temples. "I didn't-"

"Your meeting starts in 5 minuetes Mr. Black-"


"Try not to be late this time yeah?"

I watched as she walked out of the office leaving the door wide open. I groaned quietly and walked behind my desk to sit down. If my secretary had been anyone else I would have fired her already, but I just couldn't do it, but I also couldn't just sale Sebastian out like that.

One word from me-or about anything that he does for me, and how we're connected..we could all go to jail.

I sighed and grabbed my favorite pen as I headed out my office door and closed it behind me.

Let the day begin.




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