Bonus Chapter: Cherry Blossoms

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"Cherry Blossoms?"

"There's a park over there where they bloom," Yoongi said, glancing shyly at Jimin over the blankets. "We could go see them when you're off work tomorrow."

Jimin hummed, scooting closer to him. "Or we could just sleep through all of it," he mumbled, wrapping his arms around his mate. His mark stung where Yoongi had bitten it again during his heat two days before, and he wasn't sure why, but the marking made him feel sluggish and sleepy, like he was in over his head all the time.

Stupid Yoongi.

Yoongi huffed, leaning in and pressing his lips to Jimin's mark. "I'm sorry, okay? I licked it as much as I could."

"Self control really isn't your strong suit," Jimin muttered.

"Liar," Yoongi mumbled.

Jimin tucked his head into Yoongi's chest, taking a deep breath, then pulled away, shoving himself to his hands and knees. He was really starting to hate mornings. Nothing was as nice as falling into bed with his mate at the end of a long day, and nothing was worse than having to get out of that position in the morning.

Sometimes he wanted to gag at himself. He was getting so stereotypical it made him sick. If his past self had met his current one he would have sneered and walked away.

"I like both of you," Yoongi mumbled.

"Huh?" Jimin turned, squinting at him.

"Both selves," Yoongi said, squinting back teasingly. "Your past and present. I'm lucky to have such a strong mate."

Jimin's ears heated up at the compliment, and he stood, grumbling to himself and rubbing his face as he stumbled toward the bathroom. Yoongi's tired laugh echoed in his ears as he did.


Yoongi's words came back to him as he stepped out of the shower, toweling himself off. Cherry blossoms... those would be nice. Jimin had spent most of his life hiding during the spring, when there was no guarantee some love-struck alpha bent on finding their mate wouldn't just snatch him up and try to take him home. Places with cherry blossoms had often been danger spots to him, though he remembered the cherry tree outside the classroom windows from his first year of school. It had been pretty...

I used to go there every spring, Yoongi told him.

Jimin jumped, scowling. Don't startle me like that!

Sorry. It's just really nice in your head.

Jimin rolled his eyes, running a hand through his wet hair and yanking his clothes on. It does sound nice. Do you want to go tonight?

Can we?

Jimin had to laugh. Yoongi was always so hesitant and shy about these things. He pulled open the bathroom door, leaning on the doorframe, and shook his head at Yoongi's form, curled up under their blankets. Probably hiding that adorable blush he got.

"Yeah," he said. "I'll call you once I'm off work, okay?"

Yeah, sure, Yoongi said without taking the blankets off.

You're such a dork, Jimin teased.

And you love it. Yoongi's hand emerged from the blankets to give him the finger, and Jimin laughed, grabbing his bag and running one last hand through his hair, praying the wetness wouldn't make him cold. His hair usually dried fast anyway.


Jimin didn't know how many curse words it would take to change the time on the clock, but he was going to keep trying. He mumbled them under his breath as he opened his mind to his mate, not having to do any more than send an image of the door to his workplace slamming behind him before there was mutual understanding-- and the headache of Yoongi's disappointment, because no matter how hard the alpha tried, he was terrible at hiding his emotions over their bond.

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