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"So, what? You're gonna just ignore me because you hugged me?" Charlie demanded, pursing her lips at Frank, arms crossed over her chest. 

"Fuck outta here, I ain't ignoring you 'cause of something as stupid as that. I'm ignoring you 'cause you're irritating me," he grumbled, rolling back under the black Cadillac he was working on. "The hell do you want?"

She knelt down, arms wrapped around her knees. She herself was unsure what she wanted. This man, who was pretty much her boss, who was her brothers mutt, who gave her a place to stay, who worried about her more than anyone ever did in her life, was acting as if he didn't do and say such vulnerable things. It frightened her, her won feelings. After what she'd been through, she couldn't imagine herself with another man but Frank was a different kind of man, a different breed. He was unlike any other she'd met or encountered.

"Did you mean it?" She blurted suddenly, cursing herself for being so impulsive. She watched as his movements suddenly stopped.

"What are you goin' on about?"

"Were you worried about me?"

This time, he went ridged. He looked at her from under the car and cleared his throat, looking back up at the car. "What does it matter?"

"No one's ever been as worried about me as you were," she admitted. "It meant a lot to me. I felt...like I wasn't alone...for once."

"You're part of this club. None of us would let anything happen to you, especially since you're Fury's sister."

She couldn't help the sudden ache in her heart. "So, that's all?"

"Enough," he snapped, wheeling out from under the car and sitting up to look at her. "The next time you need space just go to your room. I don't like being worried all the time," he admitted. "Happy now?"

The biggest and brightest smile stretched across her face, blinding him and causing his heart to suddenly soar. For some reason, he couldn't stand to see her upset, whether it was disappointment or sadness, it had caused him more pain and discomfort than anything else in his life. She nodded happily, leaning over and kissing the side of his mask yet again. "Thanks Frankie," she said, standing and moving to her station, him sitting there completely dumbfounded.

This was dangerous. He'd never felt this way before. He'd never had these feelings before, never felt his heart stutter, never been so tense and ridged, never worried so much nor cared for anyone but her. She was the first, the first person to make him feel this way, first one to kiss his mask, to joke and be sarcastic around him, to not be afraid of him. It wasn't safe for her to be so close, that had already been proven. Anyone and everyone that got close got hurt and he was not about to let that happen to her, not ever. 

He took his break and sat in the back, leaning back on his chair and watching her from afar. It was like time was slowing down, he saw her, saw her smile and laugh with Drake.

She deserves someone better than me.

Even if they both liked each other, what were they going to do? Date like a normal couple? Get married? Have children? It was unrealistic, even for himself. He knew better, what was a dream should stay that way. 

"Finish up the rest of the cars," he told the two, suddenly standing and heading upstairs before they could say anything to him.

He entered his bedroom and shut and locked the door behind him, leaning against it for a long time. He was better off staying on the sidelines, better off protecting her from afar, nothing good would come out of them being together.

Except you'd be happy.

He clutched his head suddenly, doubling over at the excruciating pain. He hated when he'd hear his mother's voice instead of his uncle's. It caused more pain not just her voice but the fact that when it'd appear, it would always be right. He would be happy with Charlie. Hell, he's already been happier with her and he's not really with her yet.


He sighed heavily, his head falling back on the door. He removed his mask slowly and walked over to his bathroom, flipping on the light and carefully examining himself. He stared long and hard at the two scars. They were still bright pink, as if they had barely healed, and they were deep, they left large dips in his skin. The largest one that went from his forehead to the middle of his cheek cut through his eyebrow and eyelid, leaving his left eye looking a lot weirder than the right one. Once the end of it reached his cheek it was bigger and deeper and a lot more jagged. The long scar that stretched nearly all around his jaw, starting from the right to just past his chin, did the same thing. It was skinny towards the right and once it hit his chin, it got deeper and jagged. 

Those two scars were the most noticeable but there were more on his face. There was a small one that stretched close to the right side of his hairline from a bullet fragment hitting him. Another stretched across the bridge of his nose from when he broke it the first time. He was rough looking, the scars were never ending, his jaw was covered in a light stubble, his hair a buzz cut, his eyebrows thick and dark compared to his blond hair.

Besides hating his face entirely, the one thing he despised the most was his eyes. They were a steely grey color, just like his uncles. His father had blue grey eyes and yet, somehow, he had managed to get the same eyes as the man that destroyed him. When he looked in his eyes, he saw his uncle and he hated it.

A knock was heard at his door and he peeked his head out of his bathroom.

"Frank?" Charlie called.

"I told you to finish the cars."

"Oh, quit checking yourself out and open the door, will ya?"

He froze for a second, narrowing his eyes at the door. "Fuck off," he grumbled. "What do you want?"

"I want you to quit self-destructing and join me for a drink."

He gulped, his heart stuttering. It was as if she was right out of his imagination, if he were to ever imagine the perfect woman.


He was wrapped around her finger, he just had to accept it.

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