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What was that all about? that feeling.
I felt like I want to feel it again. But on the other hand I also don't want it. Damn it's confusing me.

I just sighed and look at her sleeping form. I'm starving so I decided to cook for dinner. When I came down in the kitchen I saw the piece of paper I always left behind in the refridgerator. I removed it from the magnet and crumpled it and throw it to the trash, I don't know why it suddenly annoys me. I open the fridge and pick the tray of eggs. I decided to cook scrambled eggs because I'm too lazy to prepare another dish. Then I set the table and the dish properly but before I dig in I remember the sleeping so I undo the dishes and put it in the fridge for the meantime , I'm hesitating to wake up the kid for dinner but, my feet brought me to her room unconsciously.

I open the door and slowly walk in. I saw her sleeping for in the bed she did not move or wake up so I continue walking to her bed. When I'm already near her bed I sit beside her sleeping form and brought my hand to her forehead. It's hot. She's still sleeping soundly so I exit the room and go to the bathroom and bring a tap water, alcohol and towel with me. I sit to her bed carefully and start dipping the towel into the water with alcohol.

I flinched when she moves a little when I place the wet towel in her forehead. And then I started wiping her gently without noticing the time.
It's already 2 a.m I checked her forehead again but thank goodness her temperature is steady now. Her face is not pale anymore. I stand then stretched. God that sure is tiring and I'm sleepy too. I yawned.

The kid suddenly smiled while sleeping. And for some reason it made me smile too, a little. I exit the room and made my way to my room and just jump to my bed then lay down . I'm so hungry but just closed my eyes and sleep.

' I was walking endlessly in this dark pathway but there's another one it's darker. I'm scared I don't know what am I going to do this is what is like back then I have to choose between me or her. Suddenly I heard the familiar footsteps of a man. The one I loathe the most. I run. Run and run until I reach the endless bottom of this path. He's coming I know that he's going to reach me if I don't hurry. Hurry! Hurry! why can't I move my feet anymore? I look down but all I see is the big shackles that keeping me from moving away from him. NO! NO! NO! he's going to get me again. I can't let that happen so I move my feet again but they didn't even move a little. The footsteps is now near me. I'm scared it's getting nearer to me. Then the footsteps stop . But I know better he's already here. Hands came out from darkness and grope my face. I tried to scream but my voice won't come out. I don't want this! get your filthy hands off me. GET AWAY!!'

I opened my eyes then look from side to side. I exhaled the breath that I don't know I was holding in. The clock from my bedside says it's already 9:05 a.m.

I stand up and quickly go to her room. To my surprise she's not here. Fear slowly creeps within me my hands were shaking and cold.  Cold sweats is forming in my forehead.
I ran downstairs. And there I saw her sitting on the sofa watching some random show in the TV.

I walk into her slowly. And before I knew it. I hugged her closely to me. Then my tears slowly form to my eyes. Thank God she's safe. Thank you God.



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