Chapter 4 <3

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"Hey Seb!-"A voice called from behind me."I need you!" I turned around to see Mr.Gold pushing through people manically as he made his way across the large room.

"That's what all the ladies say." I winked and he gave me a serious look as he ran his hand through his shoulder length blonde hair. "Come on, what is it big guy?" I asked and waited for him to catch his breath. "If you're out of breath from running for a few seconds I think you have some health issues-"

"Enough Sebastian or I will fire you." He threatend as he gained his composture back and I raised my hands in surrender. "I need you to go pick up my daughter-"

My hands dropped immedietly and I ran my hand through my dark messy hair."Look I'm not a babysitter Mr.Gold."I shook my head almost immediately at the offer.

"I knew you would say that." He smiled as he pulled out another envelope full of cash and I let out a sigh. "So I'm just your little bitch now? Is that it?" I frowned a little even though I didn't really have anything to be complaining about.

"You are whatever I say you are." The man smiled and then let out a polite chuckle as if we were having a polite conversation. I looked around the busy office before letting out a sigh and grabbing the envelope. "Fine. What's the address?" I muttered quietly

"That's what I like to hear." He smiled before handing me a sticky note with an address written on it. "Oh and before I forget...Adalena is..well she's a little off in the head so ahh have fun." The man chirped before patting my shoulder and getting swallowed in the sea of office workers.

"Wait Mr.Gold!" I called after him but he had almost reached the elevators and was way too far to hear me now.

"Dammit." I frowned a little as I peeked inside the envelope and counted a good few hundred dollar bills. "Why did I sign up for this again." I shook my head and tucked the envelope on the inside of my leather jacket. I looked from left to right to see if anyone had been watching me and nodded slightly when I saw no one paying me any attention. I turned around to leave but immedietly glared at the sight in front of me.

"Shouldn't you be doing secretary things?" I glared at the raven haired girl who looked almost identical to Mason. Just way shorter and more annoyingly attravtive.

"I.." She stared up at me with those dark green eyes and I almost got lost in the forrest green myself.

"Do you have something you want to tell me or do you just like waisting my time?" I crossed my arms in irritation as I looked down at my only weakness in the world.

"I'm sorry Sir I-"

"Don't call me that." I frowned and brushed passed her immedietly dismissing this conversation. I quickly walked out of the office ignoring the sound of her heels echoing behind me.

"Sebastian can you just listen-"

"Sorry I'm not available at the moment, Please leave a message after the-"

"Can you just drop the who badboy act for one second!" Josie whined and I violently pressed the elevator button.

"I don't know Josephine can you stop acting like a child in the work place?" I scoffed and let out a sigh of relief when the elevator door finally opened. "Thank heavens." I whispered as I walked stiffly into the small elevator.

"You can't just ignore me forever Sebby." Josie's eyes practically watered and I felt like the biggest asshole in America. My heart cracked when she called me that and I just couldn't help, but think of the times when we were together.

When everything was good.

But reality doesn't change. Just like the fox has to be the fox, and the asshole has to be the asshole.

"Sebastian can't just pretend like we never happend." Josie begged and I did what I knew best.

I leaned on the back of the elevator wall and watched as the doors started to slowly close.

"Watch me."

The look of heartbreak on her face probably hurt me then her had hurt her. The elevator doors closed all the way leaving me alone with just my thoughts and the look on her face.

You can't just ignore me forever Sebby

You are whatever I say you are

Sebastian can't just pretend like we never happend..

Watch me

I leaned my head against the cold elevator wall as I let my mind flood with thoughts. First Mr.Gold making me his personal uber and then Josie and now I have to go pick up some basket case and bring her back to Gold Corporations just to see Josie's face again to be remind me of just how much of an asshole I actually am.

Well that's just great.

Before the elevator came to a complete stop a lady walked onto the elevator and gave me concerned look.

"You look stressed." She gave a tight lipped smiled as she held onto her paperwork and I shrugged.

"Don't worry I look like this all the time."




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