Chapter Thirty

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Elena's POV:

Jake and I were lying in the bed; our naked limbs were tangled together whereas the rest of our body was covered with a soft quilt. My head was resting on his bare chest, absentmindedly listening to his heartbeat while he was busy playing with my hair. I was feeling many emotions at that moment. I wanted to share my concerns with him, but I opted to stay quiet. I was scared that bringing up a serious conversation right now would ruin the moment.

I felt a tug on my hair and looked up to find him gazing at me with his mesmerizing green eyes. His eyes always gave me the vibes of a beautiful garden.

"You're thinking about something again, aren't you?" He asked with his perfectly thick raised eyebrows.

I put my head on my hand and leaned on my elbow. Leisurely, I ran my finger up and down on his chest.

"Is there any point of lying when you already know the truth?" I retorted.

Jake made a face like he was hurt.

"Well, I was hoping that your attention would be only on me tonight," he said pinching my nose.

I pushed myself up, holding a quilt to my chest. "I was thinking about us. I...I just never want to go through this agony again."

I failed to conceal the fear inside me.

Jake gazed at me then jumped out of the bed.

"Are you hungry? After all the calories that we have burned, I am famished."

He made his way to the closet and pulled out a fresh set of clothes. I stared at his back in surprise. His abrupt change of subject gave me the indication that he wasn't ready to discuss the future of our relationship now. It pained me to know that this recent incident hadn't left the same effect on him that it left to me.
"Elena?" He called my name with a frown on his face.

"I...uh...I didn't realize how hungry I was until you said it," I said getting up from the bed and making my way to him.

"So, what's the plan?"

"We are going out."

"Umm, we can order some pizza and stay in bed. I really don't feel like dressing up. Besides, I don't have any clothes here," I told him.

He pulled out a huge box from the closet, it was tied with a dark blue ribbon, and he shoved it into my hands.

"What's this?" I asked inspecting the box from outside.

"It has everything that you need to get dress and go out with me," he said with a grin on his face.

"So someone came prepared,"

"You can say that,"

He pulled out a navy blue color suit.

"Don't tell me that you are going to wear a suit? We are not going to the wedding, are we?"

"We need to leave soon so you better get dressed in time." He said pinching my nose and leaving the room with his suit.

I looked at the heavy box in my hand and placed it on the bed then untied the ribbon. When I lifted the lid I gasped in shock, there was sitting a baby blue color dress that looked like it came out from some Cinderella's movie with a pair of crystal heels and a makeup bag. I pulled out the dress from the box and admired it. The bodice of the dress was covered in sparkles and the bottom skirt was made up of chiffon.

With bubbling feeling in my belly, I ran towards the washroom to take a quick shower.

When I slipped into my dress—the fabric felt extremely smooth and soft. I hurriedly got ready and slipped into the crystal heels.

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