Earn coins they said

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Y'know what? I take back what I said in my last rant about me being a cheap bitch. Just when Wattpad finally added a feature people have wanted, they just HAVE to make it shit some way or another.

Now I know the feature is relatively new so it will more than likely change over time (maybe not though), but to launch a feature for readers who can't afford to pay for stories and only allow the earning of 1 coin per ad out the 2 ads you can watch a day? How petty do you have to be?

You can only earn 2 coins a day, it costs 3 coins to unlock A SINGLE chapter, you can't even earn enough to read one chapter without having to wait until the next day. 

Wanna read 4 chapters in a single sitting? Well too bad you broke ass motherfucker, at 2 coins a day you'll have to wait 6 days, almost a week, to earn 12 coins to unlock 4 chapters.

Idk about you but I wouldn't wait damn near a week to just read 4 chapters when I can find a free book that's just as good and complete the entire book in a day if I so desire. There ain't a single Paid Story I need that bad in my life.

I get it, if you earned the cost to unlock one chapter a day more people would just earn coins every time the clock hit midnight instead of paying, PS authors wouldn't make jack shit. But why even launch a feature that takes a frustratingly long time to even read 4 chapters? Other than to try and make you actually buy coins so you can just read the book that is. 

It's pointless and I know people who've been waiting for something like this are disappointed.

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