Chapter 18

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*3rd POV*
Mia woke up shivering.
It was September in Alaska and the temperature was already low enough to make her toes feel like ice cubes.

She looked up at the skyline and the lightly gasped at the sky, it was a gorgeous shade of grey.

She saw the small droplets of water fall from the mushes of grey to the glass on the skyline.

She breathed out amazed by how beautiful of a weather it is. A white cloud surrounded her lips reminding her of how cold she actually is, deciding to wake up her Daddies, she took one final look at the skyline, and to her luck, a bright streak of light fell from the mushes of grey creating a loud bang. Her instant reaction was a scream because she was shocked by the sudden light and the loud irritating thunder caused her to cry.

The little girl huddled up into her self, just like she did before she knew the three guys, and cried to drown out the obnoxious thunder.

The men were awoken by the thunder and when they heard the sweet cries of their little girl, rushed to her side.

Everest held the girl in his arms, warming her shivering body. Greyson attempted to remove her hands from her ears but with no vail, they were almost glued to her ears. Kenz rubbed her back gently shushing her soft cries.

"Alright love, thats it, it's gone now, can you remove those hands of yours so daddy can see your pretty earrings," Everest said attempting to sooth her nerves.

It took Mia a little over a few minutes to calm down and remove her hands from her ears.

Kenz moved her golden strands that stuck to her face because of the tears and swiped he thumb under her eyes removing the excess tears.

"There ya' go strong girl , seems like ya' don't need me much anymore' aight?" Everest said.

"No daddy I will always need you, please don't leave me," Mia said while wrapping her body around Everest.

"Well darling, if you plan to stay here long, I guess we need to have some rules," Everest said.

Mia scrunched her face at the sound of rules "ew nuh," she said moving away from Everest.

"Aha princess, this is a daddy matter, and little girls have no say in it," Everest said while pulling her back through.

Everest stood up with Mia around his waist and they all together went down the stairs to the library.

"Kenz could you please start the chimney?" Everest asked the moment the closed the door behind them to the library door.

Kenz left to get the wood needed to start the fire.

Everest sat Mia down in a comfortable chair and wrapped her with a blanket that was draped on the chair.

"Okey Mimi, now things will be different, we will set some rules and you need to abide by them, but it will be beneficial for you, and of course us,"

"Yes daddy I understand," Mia said making Everest smile at how obedient she is.

"Alright then angel  1. You must always respect Daddy and be a Good girl.
2. You must use manners in every situation.
3. Always be truthful and honest to Daddy.
4. If you are sad, then you must tell Daddy immediately.
5. No belittling yourself. You are beautiful to Daddy.
6. You must not yell at Daddy. There will be immediate punishment.
7. You don't have to do what you don't feel comfortable with. You can talk to Daddy anytime if you need to.
8. You will not have any special play time without Daddy's permission.
9. When going out, stay close to Daddy and hold Daddy's hand.
10. When going out, you must be on your best behavior. Grumpy behavior will get you punished.
11.When we are entering a building, wait for Daddy to open Doors.
12. 'No " Means " No" always remember that.
13. You will always say Good night and Good morning to Daddy
14. You will never keep any secrets and you will nerver hide anything from Daddy.
15. You can tell Daddy absolutely anything. Daddy is always there for you. Even when Daddy is mad at you.
16. You may not pleasure yourself without Daddy's permission.
17. You may not cum until Daddy gives you permission. After you have cum, you will thank Daddy.
18.You will always do what Daddy says to the best of your ability, no ifs or buts.
19. You will always say " Yes Daddy" to a punishments. You will never back talk. Daddy will supervise all punishments.
20. You will always show Daddy your Pacis. You will remove them for whatever Daddy wants.
21. Always address Daddy as Daddy or sir when talking.
22. You will always tell Daddy when you have been Naughty. For example, Did something wrong, broke something, etc."

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