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Nicolette's POV
"All you can do is just stand there and watch me in pain. You're just going to keep doing it. I can't die from this, but it feels like I'm dying. Let me out of here," I growl. He growled at me using his Alpha tone. He didn't like being ordered around.

"You're growl doesn't affect me," I growl with more dominance than he did. "Keep having sex with your she-wolves. Just let me go. Let me be in pain in the comfort of my own house. You don't ever have to see me again."

"Why don't you just reject me?" He asks.

"Because my mother didn't raise me to be that type of person," I growled back. I stood up mumbling to myself and faced the long, thick silver bars and lifted my hands towards them. I said a spell and let my eyes glow. The metal bars started to bend and create an opening.

Malcom realized what I was doing and leaked but I moved one of my hams away and help him back.

I brought my wolf forward and ran towards the window. My body crashed through the window and I shifted into my wolf as I fell to the ground.

I landed perfectly, but I heard a loud growl coming from the room. I see Malcom's wolf jump out of the window and land in front of me.

I let out a low warning growl and my paws into the ground. People around started surrounding us. My wolf scanned the people. All these people could find put what I am.

I lay out my plan. If he attacks first, then I attack. If he doesn't do anything, I leave. We could have done this the easier way. I don't know why he wants me here but he went the hard way.

He charged at me while I growled showing my canines. His wolf had no control. His jaw snapped at me trying to clamp his teeth around something.

I moved to the side and quickly and snapped my jaw around his torso. The pack members took a protective stance. They were afraid that their Alpha was going to get hurt.

"Don't intervene this one is mine," I heard his voice through a mind link. Since I was young, I've learned to cut into pack's mind links.

He snapped his head around and locked his jaw on my leg. I let out a yelp and then a growl. Blood fell from my leg and onto the ground.

I brought my demon out a bit and quickly nipped his side making him drop my leg. He knocked his head on my side and knocked me to the ground.

He moved quickly. He planted his paw on my neck and put his face next to mine and growled. I let out a wolfy chuckle. He really thought he would win without having his blood on the ground.

I let a small glimpse of blue shine and lifted his body off of mine. I slammed his body on the side of whatever large building he kept me in and kept him there.

I ran towards the wall and jumped and started running along wall and slammed my body into his. I took the spell off of him and he flew back. He slid along the mud and his back slammed into the tree.

I ran off the wall and he quickly got up and ran at me. I used the slippery mud as an advantage. I slid low beside him and snapped my jaw and bit into his side.

He let out a growl and slammed the rest of my body into his head. I moved swiftly and let go of him I jumped over him and knocked him onto the ground from the other side.

I placed my paw on his neck and growled. I heard gasps as his pack watched as he was being defeated. If I defeat him I would become Alpha.

I let my paw go and he instantly slammed his body against mine and snapped at my neck. I growled as he pushed his paw against my neck and growled in my face.

I laid there with his blood mixed with mine on the ground. My blood matted my coat and his blood was stained around my mouth.

I needed to leave. People have seen my wolf. They can find me now. I need to go. I quickly knock him off of me and dash into the woods. I heard a loud growl and more paws on the floor of the forest.

I look behind me and see 3 wolves chasing me. I let out a huff and turn back around to face 4 more wolves. I quickly slid to a stop and tried to turn but I was being circled.

They slowly walked stopping me, getting closer by every step. If I use my powers, they will see my eyes. If I bring my demon out, they would see my eyes also. I had to rely on my wolf to get out of this situation.

They all closed in and I let out a warning growl and see all the possible escape routes. I leaned into the air over one side but I got pulled down by my leg. I let out a whine as the wolves pounced on me.

"What do you do if you're cornered?" My dad questions me. I shrug and think about it. I use my powers, knock them back, shift or run away.

"What happens if you don't have your powers?" He asks next.

"I fight my way through," I answer simply. I start to get bored and shift my weight back and forth.

"What happens if you're surrounded by a pack of wolves and you're in your wolf form?" He asks.

"I use my powers and run away?" I ask him to make sure my answer was correct. He shook his head and sighed.

"No. Your eyes would change color and they would find out you're not a full werewolf and they would attack immediately. Leading to your death. You would move quickly and if they attack you, then you attack back," he said.

"And what if they overpower me?" I ask him.

"Then and only then toy use your powers, but that is the last thing you should use."

My mind was jumbled up with thoughts. My mom and dad died after being overpowered, that will not happen to me. I felt a sharp pain in my head and my world went black. Well so much for being overpowered.

The time I was in the darkness was short, but when I woke up it was as dark as a pack cell could be.

I coughed as I inhaled the oxygen around me. This cell reeked of wolfsbane, vervain, and witch hazel. I tried to use my powers but it was no use.

I heard a door close and footsteps come down the crumbling stairway that lead to to the cage. I saw Malcom's face come into the dim light I had in the corner.

"Let me out of here," I growl. I stood up and gripped the bars that trapped me. The silver burned me and I let out a growl.

"I wanted to reject you so bad, but my mom raised me better. She also didn't have a mate who cheated on you knowingly you were out there. Knowing you were in pain. If it was any other she-wolf, they would be dead.

Imagine jumping into lava and not being able to die. So, you stay there. Feeling like your burning but you still feel everything. Nothing goes numb. You don't lose consciousness. You have to stay there and accept the pain.

I don't want to be in pain. I want to be in the comfort my own home and live like I was for the past hundreds of years. Why? Why now come into my life? Why not reject me? Why do you keep letting me be in pain when you can live you life in freedom. If you don't want me just let me go."

"Who says I don't want you?" He asks.

"7 times. 7 times I've been in so much pain that I wanted to kill myself. 7 times you were with her and not me, but like you said on the first night. You don't want me." With that, he walked away in silence and closed the door with a slam.
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