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We finally arrived at Aces mansion.

"Is your mom and dad home ?" I questioned worriedly, as blood dripped from my mouth. "No.....thankfully" Ace muttered the last part under his breath but I heard it aswell as the relief in his voice. I wonder why he hates his parents so much. His mom seems very caring, and yeah, his father threatened me but that doesn't mean he's hurt Ace.

"Sit here" He pointed to the counter and I hopped up. Ace came back 5 minutes later with a cloth, antiseptic liquid and a first aid kit.

"Can you stitch" I asked in pain. "Yeah, I learned when I was 10. My mom thought I might need it when I'm older" Ace frowned his eyebrows stressfully as he threaded the needle.  "Is there no numbing stuff?!" I squeaked worriedly. I saw the slightest smile appear on his face but was quickly faded. "No, you'll probably pass out" he joked with a serious face. "That's not funny" I scowled at him to see his usual frown was softer than normal.

"Ok" he sighed holding up the needle and drenching it in the liquid. "Oh god, I don't wanna die, there's so many things I haven't done yet" I spoke fearfully with a loud tone before quickly regretting what I had just said because I knew he would question it.

"You won't die" he uttered breaking the awkward silence. He didn't question it?.

"Here, grab my shoulder if you need something to hold onto" Ace offered as he checked the gash in my mouth. I placed my hand on his shoulder and braced myself for the pain. I clenched my eyes shut. "Don't bite my fingers off , or else I won't help you" Ace sighed warningly. I nodded in response. "Ok, I'm going to start".

I winced in pain as I gripped onto his shoulder. Ace very hesitantly continued. He did a singular stitch, right in the centre of my lip. A singular tear ran down my cheek as I felt the painful pinch. He was staring at my hand that was still clenched onto his shoulder. He took the cloth and dabbed my tear away as he stared into my eyes. His dark blue eyes were filled with curiosity.

I slowly leaned into him, exhausted from the fight as I rested my head against his shoulder. Ace didn't hold me but he didn't push my head off. Instead he slowly raised his arm to my back. I slowly lifted my head back up before I frowned my eyebrows curiously. "Have you ever been hugged before?" I widened my eyes at him jokingly. "No" he quickly responded, with a certain vulnerability in his voice. "Oh?" I replied, raising my eyebrows but not wanting to make a big deal of it.

"I didn't ever need to be held, I could do everything on my own" he responded blankly. Well that's not a lie. "Oh my god" I muttered quietly as I brushed the hair out of my face. "Why haven't you ever been hugged?" I wondered as I stared at his shirt he had put on, moments ago.

"My family isn't the most affectionate" he explained as if it was obvious and to be fair, it was. He threw the t shirt that was soaked in blood, into the washing machine. "Well you're getting your first hug today wether you like or not" I mumbled , smiling softly, trying not to open my mouth too wide.

"No" he backed away. "Ace, stop being a scaredy cat" I glared teasingly at him, realizing the pain in my mouth was slowly getting worse. "No" he demanded almost fearfully. I rolled my eyes at him, trying not to speak.

He shot me an angry look. "Did you just roll your eyes at me?" He glared, annoyed. "Noooooo" I mumbled sarcastically, staring at my hands as I played with them nervously. "Stop playing with your hands, it's annoying" he growled frustratedly, grabbing my hands with his.

I felt a shiver up my spine as his hands grabbed mine. I know he felt it too. I took my eyes from my hands and stared up at him. His face relaxed at the warmth of my touch; His hands were freezing.

"You're so cold...." I practically whispered.

The doorbell rang repeatedly.

"So are you" he raised his eyebrows, pulling away from my touch. When his hands left mine, I wanted him to hold it again but there was also relief from the tension that was making my lungs heavy. Nothing gave me the same rush as his fingers against my skin.

I realized my view of him is slowly changing as I live here. He's not emotional, he rarely shows any emotion except anger but I can tell he wants to. He wants to smile and laugh, he wants to be happy but when you're in the mafia that can be stripped away quite fast; From your friends to your family, anyone can die.

I don't believe he wants to be this man willingly. He was never given a choice of who he wanted to be.

I could hear muffled voices in the hallway.

"No, don't!" I heard Ace's demanding voice.

I saw a head peak in at me from around the corner. I was wearing an oversized hoodie, shorts and my hair was in a messy bun.

"Bro, she's hot as fuck" i heard the person say. "Get out" Ace snarled viscously. "That's no way to talk to your best friend" I heard the guy laugh. "Fuck off" he growled.

A very handsome, tall, dark haired boy with brown eyes and a good jawline walked in. His skin was quite pale though. "Who are you?" The guy asked curiously. "Who are you?" I questioned him back curiously. "I'm Kaylo" he smirked as he reached his hand out to shake mine. "I'm Sof-" I was interrupted by Ace grabbing and throwing his friend into the room next to us. Ace slammed the doors immediately.

"Go up to your room" Ace snapped at me and I nodded obediently, not daring to ask any questions. "Don't come back down, I'll take you to your brothers in awhile, I'll come get you" Ace warned me. He really didn't want me to come down.

"Okay" I nodded as I quickly jogged upstairs.

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