Secrets, lies, and fireflies (part two)

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Ferry's hand raised higher while his gaze remained on Andrew. The sounds around were dim and muffled, scattering away. Everything around turned foggy. Everything, but Andrew.

A firm voice brought him to his senses, "Hey, leave him alone! What's wrong with you? Get out of here!"

Danny Stevens showed up behind them. His sturdy stature would have impressed anyone. At school, he was the best at fighting. No boy his age, and even older dared to face him. Ferry shivered as after a bad dream, and everything around him went back to normal. At his sight, the boys scattered like flies.

"All right," Billy grinned. "See you later, orphan," he spat the words, stepping away, accompanied by the other boys.

 "Thank you," he said to Danny. The strange sensation in his arm vanished.

"Don't mind them," said Danny placatory. "They've got nothing in their heads. They only pick up on people. Well, see you at the basket bidding. Take care," he said as he walked away.

Ferry watched him leaving. Matilda was right—Danny was a good boy. Maybe too good... And that thought bothered him somehow. He was worried about what happened earlier, though. But now, he didn't have time for that. He had to get to May's tent. When Bella, Ben's sister appeared in front of him.

"Ferry, where have you been? We need your help at the tent," she said. "Hurry!" And without waiting, he took him by the hand, dragging Ferry after her through the crowd. Indeed, in front of the Knight family tent, the crowd was growing larger. The news about Mrs. Knight's goodies circulated fast and now, everyone was eager to try the cookies or the leek and cheese pie. The water for tea was boiling on the small metal stove in which Mr. Knight kept on burning wood.Ben was serving behind the counter with the help of Steph. His mother was making tea and fresh lemonade. His sisters were in charge of the sweets, wondering how quickly they were disappearing from the shelves.

"Ferry, would you take care of the fire until my dad brings some more wood?" Ben shouted from behind the counter.

Ferry barely made his way through the crowd in front of the tent. The teapot was whistling on the stove. He put another log on the fire. Inside the tent, it was warm and smelled like honey and berries.

"What does a girl have to do to get a hot tea?" he suddenly heard Celia's voice. Ferry was surprised to see here there. Celia's family always celebrated at the Prides' tent.

Ben looked just as surprised. He prepared a tea for Celia from dried berries and honey. Through the mug of glass, the tea took the shape of pink and purple, transparent castles.

"My knight in shiny armour," said Celia as she received the mug from Ben's hand. Her blue eyes looked into his brown eyes. Ben cheeks turned red and for a second, their fingers touched, resting together on the hot mug.

But the joy their gentle touch brought was interrupted by Steph who passed by with a tray full of cookies.

"And here's the witch," said Celia, sipping from her tea.

Luckily, Steph didn't hear her, busy with helping every member of Ben's family, whether they asked it or not.

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