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I waited upstairs patiently as I tried to wash the blood out of clothes in the bathroom sink.

The blood had already stained. I felt like crying, I always fuck everything up. I leaned against the wall as I gave up hope of getting the stain out. I slowly slid down to the floor, my bloody hands covering my face.

I was so exhausted of living this lifestyle; I was tired of the constant violence that came with it.

A tear rolled down my cheek as I shook my head.

Suddenly the door opened.

"Oh I'm- are you ok?" Kaylo noticed my tears. "Oh yeah, I'm fine" I smiled as genuine as I possibly could, wiping the tears away. "You're crying" he looked confused. "Did Ace do that?" Kaylo almost sounded angry.

"No- he helped me" I muttered as I turned and faced the mirror. "Ace ? Ace Hernandez helped you?" Kaylo chuckled. I frowned my eyebrows at him curiously. "You must have him confused with someone" Kaylo smiled, shaking his head at my unbelievable sentence.

"Ace hasn't ever helped anyone" Kaylo smirked at me. "I met Ace when I was 15. Our fathers are best friends so it only made sense for us to be best friends. He's been like this since he was 15, maybe even younger. Cold, ruthless, manipulative. If Ace helps you, he's getting something out of it. I'm warning you right now, Ace is the wrong person for anyone and everyone" Kaylo snarled almost threateningly at me.

I stood frozen; Shocked. It's like there was some hidden anger behind that sentence, possibly jealously aswell. "Ok...." I responded quietly. "Sofia" I heard a voice call out for me.

"He's not a good man, you'll see it eventually" Kaylo warned me as he walked out. "Yeah bro, she's up here" Kaylo called down to him.

Ace appeared, strolling into the bathroom. "She's upset Ace, it's normal" Kaylo rolled his eyes at him, suddenly switching his mood altogether. "I'm not fucking blind I know she's upset" Ace growled annoyed. "Jeez, someone's grumpy" Kaylo slowly walked away, giving me a wink before heading downstairs.

"What's wrong?" Ace asked me. "Nothing, I'm just tired" I uttered. "Come on, I'll take you to see your brothers now" he offered. A smile appeared on my face. He seemed happy to have made me smile.


Ace decided to let someone else drive as he sat in the back of the limo with me.

Ace glanced at me every so often but I was too excited to see my brothers to care. "Do you have any siblings?" I turned to Ace suddenly and I could see Ace begin to think. "I think so" he responded with a confused tone. My face must've looked confused because Ace and explained it further.

"My father cheats on my mother a lot so I'm assuming somewhere I do have one- actually I know I have one" he corrected himself. "How do you know?" I asked curiously. "I'm the Mafia leader. I have all the papers passed down from my father and I found the birth certificate in a big stack of papers that he thought I would never check".

Ace's hands intertwined each other, he sat like a business man all the time.

"So, are you ever going to meet him or her" I asked. "No" he replied, no trace of uncertainty no his voice. "Oh" I said surprised. "I don't need siblings" he shrugged. I nodded, ending the conversation.

We finally arrived at the mansion.

I stepped out of the car. "Sof" I heard someone say with a confused tone. "Sofiaaa" they both shouted happily as they realised it was actually me. It was Diego and Javi. "Ahhh" I shouted excitedly, jumping into their arms. "We thought we'd never see you again" Diego laughed delighted. "The house hasn't been the same" Javi hugged me. I heard Ace clear his throat, my brothers instantly freezing up.

"Guys....." I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly as I took a step away from them. "This is Ace.... Ace Hernandez" I introduced him. "I'm also her fiancé" Ace's deep, husky voice grumbled. My brothers were fearful of him, I could tell and I didn't blame them. Ace reaches out to shake their hands and they both flinched. "Shake his hand, don't be so rude" I snapped at my brothers. I know they were only scared but I didn't need them getting Ace angry.

Diego was the first to shake Ace's hand. Next was Javi.

"I'm Javi" he introduced himself. "I'm Diego" Diego uttered who was clearly uncomfortable.

"The Diaz family, I have heard things about your Mafia before" Ace was very intimidating, he kept eye contact and was still mysterious.

"Hopefully good things" I heard the voice that I knew too well; It was my father. I instantly retreated back to Ace, leaving barely any space between us. It was hard for me to hide how scared I was of my father, it probably showed clearly on my face.

Ace immediately shot my father a dirty look. Then again, Ace doesn't make any other facial expressions besides an angry one. They're all moody and grumpy.

My father approached us, cautiously but trying to act like Ace wasn't intimidating. "I'm Fernando" my father shook Ace's hand quite violently. "I know, we've met before" Ace rolled his eyes, already annoyed.

"I assume these are your brothers?" Ace raised his eyebrow at me questioningly. "Two of them" I responded. "There's more" Ace responded surprised. "Yeah" I smiled softly, trying to make Ace less angry and I think it worked for the most part. 

"Who's the heir?" He asked curiously. "Raul!" I squealed as I saw him come out of the house. I ran up to him. "Ahhh Sofia" he embraced me, spinning me around in his arms. "I missed you" I said happily as I giggled. "Where's Marco and Stefano?" I questioned as stepped back from him. "They've gone out" Raul responded nervously. I nodded.

Me and Raul approached Ace.

"This is Ace , my fiancé" I introduced Ace. "Raul Diaz, heir" he replied shaking Ace's hand. "I see why he's the heir now and not you two" Ace glanced at Javi and Diego. My father chuckled at Ace's joke. "That wasn't a joke" Ace snarled at my father, my father stopping soon after.

"Would you like to come in" I asked Ace. He nodded as he followed behind me.

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