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Until further notice, dialogue is in Korean, and bold is English.

Alexis's POV

So there I was, extremely comfortable and half-asleep, laying in my bed, when all of a sudden, the mattress gets hard. I move around to get comfy again, but the bed doesn't get any softer. I groan, I told mom that Mattress Empire was bogus, but no, she knew best, and now I have to suffer. I pull the blanket up to my neck in spite, when I hear a gasp. I must be imagining things. Then I hear more gasps and some exclaims.
I open my eyes and see seven extremely good-looking men, who look a lot like BTS. I stare at them through hooded eyelids.

Wait... they are BTS. I do a headcount: 1..2...5...7. Yep, definitely them. I get confused for a few seconds until I start to understand.

Of course, this is a dream! A vivid and unrealistic dream. Like this could ever actually happen. I nod to myself and close my eyes to continue it.

"Should I call security?" One of them asks. Why would they need to call security? Be a good dream and have them whisk me away to wonderland, what is with this service? Come on, how long has it been since I've had a good dream? My mind needs to do better.

"No, she didn't come through the door, she teleported. Look, there's a blanket and pillow." A different voice says. It sounds like Namjoon, at least, from what I've heard on TV, because heaven knows I couldn't hear shit at that concert.

"So she's a soulmate of one of us?"


"Taehyung, Jungkook and I started the bond at the concert, so one of it's us."

I listen to their conversation and translate the Korean, which is a little harder than usual, since I am half asleep. Shouldn't I understand what they are saying, this is my dream. Actually, I'm their soulmate in reality, too. I think I remember something about soulmates teleporting to each other.

I open my eyes again to see them standing in a semi-circle some feet away, staring at me. I slowly sit up, dreading what I think might have happened.

Their eyes get wide when I directly face them. "She's American?" Jin asks.

"Well, she's not Korean." Yoongi says.

"Wow, good luck guys." Jin laughs and hits Jimin's shoulder, as if telling an inside joke.

I look around and see my pillow and blanket. I feel something hard under me. My phone?

Shit, shit, shit. I freaking teleported, this isn't a dream, I repeat, this is not a dream. I search for escape routes, I need to escape, they can't find out. I need to leave. I'm not good enough for them, they should have someone else, someone better. I start to panic.

I scoot away from them as my breathing quickens. Jungkook starts to come towards me worriedly, but I flinch. I know he won't hurt me, but I am unnerved. Jimin notices and puts his arm out.

"Hey, hey. It's fine, we won't hurt you." Namjoon speaks in English.
What to do, what to do. I should try to play it off, make them confused long enough to leave.

"Um..." They all look at me expectantly. "No hablé anglees." I speak Spanish a little incorrectly. I swear I know it, but even a born and raised Brazilian wouldn't be able to speak Spanish right in this situation. Wait, Brazilians don't speak Spanish... do they? Shit, they speak Portuguese. I'm sure some can speak Spanish too.

"I think she's hispanic." Taehyung comments.

Two large men come in through the door. "I knew I heard someone's voice. A sasaeng got in!" One says. What are they, bats? I barely even whispered.

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