Chapter 10

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CH 10

After breakfast as Xavier and Rye walked back to the car, Rye's mind swam with Xavier's words.

Could she date him? She has dated people before. But why was she scared to date Xavier?

Because it can go very wrong and you can fall very hard for him, she thought to herself.

But as they walked down the street and Xavier made polite conversations with various people and children and introduced to Rye to many new faces, she couldn't help but grow fond of the idea of going on a date with him.

What's the harm in trying, right? And he said so himself. After two weeks if it's not working out, she was free to leave.

But was two weeks enough time to make that big of a decision?

Rye's attention suddenly switched gears when a bunch of children that had been talking to Xavier ran past them. They entered a large brick building that had a bunch of other children playing in front of it.

"Is that a school?" Rye motioned towards the building.

"No, actually it's an orphanage," Xavier said, "It's run by the palace fundings."

"You run the orphanage?" Rye asked a bit surprised.

"I'm afraid I don't get to spend much time as I want to in that place. I have a liaison who takes care of all their financial needs and pays the staff."

Rye watched the children quietly as a somber feeling coated her heart, "My father grew up in an orphanage."

Xavier turned to her. She still had her eyes glued to the building. Her eyes sparkled with unshed tears and she bit down on her bottom lip. This was the first time Rye was sharing something personal with Xavier. He felt like he could see some light at the end of that dark tunnel.

"He was about 11 when an American family adopted him and moved to New York."

"Did he ever come back?" Xavier asked.

"A few times before I was born," Rye sighed, "We had planned to come back after I finished my undergrad, but I guess..."

Xavier could tell Rye was trying hard not to cry. He tugged on her arm and pulled her into a hug. She laid her head down on his chest but continued to watch the children.

"I'm sorry Rye," Xavier said, stroking her hair, "He was a really good man."

Rye pulled back to look at Xavier, "Did you know him?"

"Yes," Xavier smiled gently, "When your mother would come for summits, sometimes your father would accompany her."

"It was the only way they would spend some time together," Rye shook her head sadly, "She never had time." She whispered so low she doubt Xavier heard her.

They stood watching the orphanage until Xavier's phone rang to life.

To Xavier's displeasure, Rye stepped back from his embrace as he answered the call.

"Hello," Xavier said. He didn't care if Basil heard the irritation in his voice.

"Sorry to interrupt your time," Basil rushed. He sounded as if he was rushing or jogging, "But we have a situation."

Xavier could tell by the commotion in the background and but Basil's tone that it was something serious. "What is it?"

"Six more bodies were found with bite marks. This time, only two miles from the palace grounds."

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