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Ace's POV :
A few minutes had passed .

We sat in the car and silence filled the air. I could tell she was upset. I'm not good with emotions but I can tell when people are hurt, mainly because I'm the one usually hurting them. She was trying so hard to be strong. I hate to see people cry, it disgusts me almost purely because of how weak they are.

But when I seen a tear fall from her cheek, I didn't think she was weak. I don't know why but I just wanted to make her pain go away.

"Are you okay?" the words escaped my lips before I could even thought about it. I saw her lip quiver as she shook her head, looking out the window. I felt a heaviness in my chest as I watched her struggle not to cry. I didn't like feeling this way.

A sigh escaped my lips as I looked at her . "Maybe this was a bad idea" I muttered quietly as I rubbed my forehead stressfully . Sofia nodded agreeing.

"Did your brothers just ignore him abusing you?!" I finally asked . She stayed silent until see finally worked up the courage to answer . "He abused all of us , I didn't know it was abuse until high school , I thought it was normal to get beaten for the little things, it's how he raised all of us" she responded , hesitant to open up .

"They're pussies" I snapped angrily , earning a dirty look from Sofia . "Don't look at me like that" I growled at her , putting her in place . I needed to calm down . I was still very worked up from a few minutes ago . "I may be a bad man and I may do terrible things but I would never let anyone hit you , do you understand?" I demanded her to answer . "They're pussies , all of them" .

My attention turned to the broken handle on the car . Then I heard sobbing . I looked back to see Sofia . She wasn't able to keep it together anymore. Partly my fault.

It was also very uncomfortable watching her cry . I didn't know what to do . "I just want to sleep" she whimpered as she wiped her tears away . It's weird , I don't sleep and she loves to sleep . She sleeps to avoid her problems , I stay awake to fix mine . We're complete opposites .

"You can sleep" I suggested , shrugging . I watched her lean against the window as she shut her eyes . Eventually she had fallen asleep . I was scrolling through my phone , responding to emails when Sofia changed positions and decided to lie on my lap . I tensed up immediately. The only time someone is this close to me is ........ never mind , I guess I can make an exception just this once .

I got distracted from my emails watching Sofia sleep . Her tear stained cheeks finally dry . I slowly ran the back of my fingers along the tear stains on her cheeks , wanting to make all of her pain disappear with a touch . But I knew it wasn't that simple . I stroked the loose strands of hair behind her ear . She was beautiful, I hate to admit it . I'd rather have an ugly wife , atleast I wouldn't want to marry her . I snapped out of the trance and went back to my business.

I looked back down at Sofia just to see the discomfort on her face as she slept . She must've been having a nightmare. She frowned her eyebrows as she looked for something to grab. For some reason I held out my hand for her to grab , and she did , the discomfort instantly fading from her face . She had a peaceful look on her face . I stared at our hands . They fit together perfectly.

I need to stop thinking about this girl . I can't let myself love anything. I called Fiona , one of my sluts . My mom hates me calling them 'sluts'. I have to pay her everytime she comes over . And she still comes over even though she knows I'm engaged? .

"I'll be home in 10 , be over at my place in 20 or else I'll kill you" I growled into the phone . "Of course Mr. Hernandez" she responded , trying to be kinky . "If you ever whisper like that again , I will break your jaw" I snarled angrily as I stared out the window . "I'm sorry" she squealed into the phone . I hung up .

I rolled my eyes . It's hard dealing with her . My attention was once again broken by Sofia . She held my hand as she stirred around on my lap . "Fuck" I sharply inhaled, shutting my eyes . All I could think was to try and not get an erection . I breathed out heavily as she stopped moving . Only for her to move her hand , directly above my growing erection . I hissed as I tried to calm down .

There's no way I'm getting hard at the thought ..... I looked down . Shit .

It was an agonising 10 minute drive home and I could finally get out of the car .

I stepped out as I adjusted myself . "Yooo Ace, would you like me to carry her up to her room ?" Kaylo asked , appearing out of thin air . "No , I'll do myself" I scowled at him . "Awh come on man, I just want to help" Kaylo had a evil grin on his face . "Get the fuck inside before I shoot you" I threatened . "Come- I whipped out my gun and held it against his forehead . "I swear to fucking god , I will shoot you if you don't leave now" I yelled furiously. Kaylo had been getting on my last nerve for way too long . That look in his eyes said it all .

Kaylo went pale , the colour draining from his face . "Y-yes boss" he almost tripped , stumbling over himself running away . Fucking coward I thought as I lifted Sofia into my arm . This girl has been through enough without him trying to sleep with her.

I walked upstairs and gently lay her on my bed. I couldn't leave her in the guest room incase Kaylo came back and tried anything suspicious. Plus I can lock this door.

I quietly shut the door. Fiona walked up the stairs . "Hey boss" she smirked. "Let's get this over with" I rolled my eyes. God I hated this girl.

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*Disclaimer : I do not condone people calling women sluts. It is very wrong and disrespectful. Please refrain from ever using that word. Please also refrain from hating on Fiona.

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